Get ready to censor

So I'm at work, and all is going well. I should realize that this means something bad is going to happen, but no, I actually believe this is going to be a good day.

My coworker - one of the techs - goes in the supply room, and when he leaves he doesn't turn the light off. I've said something 800 times (ok not 800 but it sure feels like it) about turning the light off. So this time I get up, turn it off, walk out of my office, look at him and say "Is it hard to turn a light off". He flips. "You're not a fucking manager, you have no authority around here" I say "I've been told about lights and if they're not needed we are supposed to turn them off (management said so)". He says "You have no fucking right to talk to me that way, you're not a manager. You're not my fucking mother, you can't tell me what to do". Finally when I get a word in again I said "You don't pay the electric bill" and he flips "You don't either, so shut the fuck up and stay in your office and do your fucking job". So then I told him "Management has said NO UNECESSARY lights on". He flips, I started to ignore him, then he comes in MY office and shuts my office light off. So I said, as a smart ass "At least you're fucking learning how to turn them off now". Then he mumble bitched some more and walked away.

Seriously HOW F**KING HARD IS IT TO SHUT A F**KING LIGHT OFF?? I could see if you were going back in there, but he wasn't. What a dip shit! 

And I'm making a f**king sign "SHUT THE LIGHT OFF"


Management has approved my ...

Management has approved my sign, and asked for some extra for the mens room (I guess he's leaving lights on in more then just the supply room):


Who pays the bills?
You? NO
Ken? YES
Save your boss some $
Turn the light off when you're done.

So I put the sign up last ...

So I put the sign up last night. This morning I came and and THE FUCKING LIGHT WAS ON.

So I walked up front, where EVERYONE was and flipped on HIS ASS this time. I said "If you want to be an asshole, go find your fucking girlfriend or a family member that will put up with your shit, because I'm not fucking doing it. If you have a fucking problem with management saying to TURN THE FUCKING LIGHTS OFF take it up with the fucking management. I didn't make that decision, I just follow the rules. Don't fuck with me because you don't like how this company runs shit."

He tried to claim innocence, but everyone knows how he is. Fucking prick. I see why our dispatcher is such a bitch, she has to put up with him more then I do!!

Aksnow, you are in the ...

Aksnow, you are in the right. The selfish bastard needs to turn out any light not in use, just to help the environment!

IT IS A JOB, and he needs ...

IT IS A JOB, and he needs to abide by all the rules!!! if not, if he CAN'T listen then he needs to LEAVE!!

at this point now, he's ...

at this point now, he's just doing it to spite you.

Wow. I agree the lights ...

Wow. I agree the lights should be off but is it worth WW III?

Here. I'll map it out for you:

OK, it's wrong what he ...

OK, it's wrong what he does. But is it worth starting WW III over? I can think of so many issues that affect our country or even the entire planet that you ballyhoo as if they don't matter but you get all bent out of shape about this?

Here, I'll map it out for you:

<p>You ballyhoo issues ...

You ballyhoo issues that affect our country in a huge way and even our entire planet but you get all bent out of shape over a light being left on?

I'm all for turning out lights. It would tick me off too what he does, but not to that extent.


Exactly Dawn - this ...

Exactly Dawn - this morning was just to spite me. The boss and I sat down and discussed it, and he said he's going to talk to the guy about yelling and screaming at me. If I had an attitude or was being a bitch, then fine - yell and scream all you want, but when I'm just relaying company policy that's no reason to flip out.

TGIX - this is about company policy, in MY personal office (the supply room door is 5' from where my office is. And I wasn't "bent out of shape" over a light being left on, I was "bent out of shape" for being YELLED AND FUCKING SCREAMED AT for relaying company policy. Should I have sat there and let him yell and scream and walk all over me?? Fuck no, I'm not going to deal with being treated like that where I work, it's called respect of your fellow worker. It's not my job to take his bullshit - that's not what I'm paid for.

I'll go with that. No way ...

I'll go with that. No way he has any right to talk to you that way. For that he should be canned, but not for the annoying lights issue. If he treats anyone that way while at work he needs to go.