Old Tires...a MUST SEE!!!


I'm not sure if any of you have seen/heard about this, but you should see this.  I heard about this about a year ago and have been wary of it since then.  the video is about 9 minutes but it is good info.


<p>That was interesting ...

That was interesting and very good useful info. Thanks Dawn!

I bought the tires I currently have on my little buggy about a year and a half ago. I got them from TireRack.com who assured me (I asked) that they were fresh. They sell so many that none of their tires sit around for any length of time they said. So the dates on the tires? 24th and 44th month of '06. They were right. I'm going to buy from a high volume dealer like them, probably TireRack.com, again this year as it's time to replace 'em before winter kicks in.

Thanks for the info.. I ...

Thanks for the info..

I just bought tires..and I'm taking them back to make sure they're ok...