thats just wrong!



ShayBabe, I just posted ...

ShayBabe, I just posted the same thing and saw your post, so I deleted mine!

I am sure this happens much more than we are aware of.

Who can forget Milli-Vanilli from the 80s!

Thanks but it could have ...

Thanks but it could have stayed on. Just would have given our fellow peevers more to comment on..and they would have,
I feel bad for the little girl that they claim wasn't "cute" enough. I wonder if they honestly told her that. She had her hopes all up and then crushed them, and to add insult to injury, had her song lip-synched by someone who couldn't sing???

WTF. What is this Mirree ...

WTF. What is this Mirree Vaniree or Ashry Simpson?

<p>Yeah, read about that. ...

Yeah, read about that. Very sad that they'd basically tell that beautiful young child with such a magnificent voice that she's ugly.

Of course Carl Rove is ugly and he spoon fed every single word George W Bush spoke in public to him through a little earpiece for nearly a decade and the majority of people, who have few if any brain cells, bought into that. They didn't even seem to react very much at all when Bush proved he was a parrot by arguing with the guy in his ear when NO ONE in the audience was saying a word and Bush said "NO, wait a minute. Let me finish..." LOL!!!! But people are dolts in general. Absolute morons. It's so sad. No one seems to care. Most bands lip synch and have for years. I saw one the other day at a club. NO WAY they sung what they pretended to. You could see it. But I don't think there was another person in the place who either noticed or who cared. They either don't see the phonies that are out there all over the freaking place (Washington Talent Agency sells these $10,000 a night bands for high end weddings and they LIP SYNCH). It's either that or the clients and their guests simply don't care! I think it's a travesty. I'm not sure which is more idiotic, the people who are too fucking stupid to notice or that they don't give a shit that they paid mega bucks to watch a bunch of phonies!!!!

just like you said...WRONG!!

just like you said...WRONG!!

When doesn't TGIX bring up ...

When doesn't TGIX bring up Bush??

Walter and Snowbunnie--- ...

Walter and Snowbunnie--- you gave me my big laugh for the day!