WARNING...political rant...

Ok.....there are those who don't beleive we should drill off our coasts. There are other nations doing it off our coasts right now.  We would be safer than them. They don't care if they spill and screw up our coast.

But lets forget about that. Ok, lets say we forget about drilling and ONLY look for the "other". Ok, some egghead figures something out. Now ALL our vehicles (forget that tires are made of oil) are now obsolete. Now what? Only the rich will be able to get their new vehicles, what about the poor? Oh wait the Democrats can make ANOTHER welfare program to help them out. Furthering their afgenda of two classes of people (although they say they want one class). They have the leaders (them) and the poor/ the followers. We can gratefully take the handouts they think we deserve. Now what about all our oil dependant vehicles? What do we do with them??? Talk about an environmental hazzard. I can see the HUGE junk yards now. Plus without oil, they will need to find a new way to make tires.

Ya, the alternative fuel is the ONLY thing we should be researching!!!


Well put! That's something ...

Well put! That's something most people aren't thinking about too, and when you bring it up they get that "deer in the headlights" look.. There are people out there that seem to think we can just stop using oil, they don't realize how much it would cost to either convert the vehicle, or create and buy a new one. Look at me, I just bought a brand new car, why the hell would I want to buy a new one in two years???

Alternative fuel is a nice thing to work towards, but it's not going to happen soon, and it's not going to happen until it's affordable.

*on a side note: DRILL DRILL DRILL!!!

Agreed...well put.

Agreed...well put.

There's a reason I live up ...

There's a reason I live up here... I've seen Madd Maxx! I know what's up..