This is SOOOO cute, makes you want to just HUG this kid!!!!!

Boy, 4, tries to drive to grandma's house, crashes 2 hours, 37 minutes ago


A preschooler put his little brother in a car, got it turned around and headed off to his grandmother's house. WKYT-TV reported the trip didn't go well, but no one got hurt.

Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger said the 4-year-old boy began his journey when his mother and her boyfriend were asleep on Saturday. He got the seat adjusted and the car started and turned around, but he ran through a fence and into some trees.

The sheriff said the boyfriend was arrested after he got to the car and made a threatening gesture toward either the boy or the deputy who was investigating. He was charged with menacing. The boys' mother was reported to child protective services.


LOL, well I wonder, maybe ...

LOL, well I wonder, maybe his home life sucks so bad that he felt the need to drive to grandma's house?? still it was cute but glad he's ok and he didn't hurt anyone and he even thought enough to bring his little brother, LOL!!!