Baseball-Out of Control? Manny Greed

Help me out here. We are all working harder and more hours to make less money while the economy continues to reel out of control. Meanwhile, back in the sporting world these ball players like manny ramirez is holding out for $24 million a year. That is, instead of $20 Million. Sometimes I wonder that all the sports guys and celebrities help to keep feeding the culture that "i can never make enough money" while the rest of us whither. What goes here?

Same thing with the autopresident of GM, Ford.. a couple of those guys made $13 million plus last year. For what? All they did was to continue the failed strategy that they have followed for years. They should give the money back? How do we stop this madness?


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There Should Be Laws Against This

This should anger anyone who understands how awful things are right now.  There should be laws against this.  The middle class continues to shrink, but these morons, especially the ones on the Yankees get paid unfairly high amounts of money per year to hit a ball around with a wooden stick, abuse drugs, find ways to escape punishment, and act as if they are sincere about it.  I do not like baseball because of these kinds of things.