In memory of.....on vehicles


Lately I have noticed a ton of vehicles that have "In memory of...(insert name), date of birth-date of death"

Usually aren't In memory of something that had to do with the deceased, or to mark the area the tragedy occurred? Having something on the back window of a car doesn't make sense, unless the car belonged to the deceased. That may be the case in a few of them, but most of them the car is newer than the date of death. Maybe I am missing something. I just think it is an odd way to show rememberance.


I agree. I find it odd to ...

I agree. I find it odd to see those, too.

I don't see any logic in ...

I don't see any logic in it either but maybe that is just their way of dealing with death.

I see that all the time, ...

I see that all the time, and on shirts and caps too. and people get tattoos with people's d.o.b and d.o.d and pics of them drawn on them. it's all too morbid.

I agree fully

I agree fully

In this case..I have to ...

In this case..I have to disagree since in the area where I live..there have been many people that have died at a very young age due to cancer, car accidents, etc.

In Loving Memory of...... is oftentimes a persons way of memorializing someone's memory. They may find it a comfort within themselves..yet there often are times I'm driving behind someone with that in their back windshield..and I take a bit of time to remember that person if I knew them.