Black Friday...The Holiday Shopping Nonsense Begins!

Why are so many people suckered into this madness? I hate that these stores put out these "great" offers for 4AM, not only that but only have a VERY limited amount of the "great deal". You'll get 200 people lining up the night before in hopes snagging one of 50 Playstations, Stupid.

Is it me or is it getting outrageous that Nintendo Wii and Elmo dolls are short every year? They have the whole year to produce the stupid things yet have a small supply for Christmas? Bull! Its just a marketing tool to make the product seem more hip or cool and inflate prices to maximize profit.

The worst part of this day for me is the people shopping, people in the stores are usually rude, cranky, and pushy. I have seen people in shouting matches and fist fights over the most trival things. People will push, pull, and shove to get what they want.  Parking is a nightmare! The cashiers and other staff in the store are so over worked and look like deer caught in headlights.

No thanks I'll go to the office to work or just stay home.


Adam had to go to work at ...

Adam had to go to work at 2am today because one of his employees wanted to get into the whole hype. That pissed me off that this kid wants to do something personal on his own personal time and is having Adam come in to cover the rest of the shift BECAUSE of that?! His boss did the same thing. It's reduculous that people get into the whole thing. Sorry to anyone here that did it, but I think it's totally pointless.

<p>One more thing to add ...

One more thing to add to my rant:

There are NEVER EVER enough lines open. I'm talking about these so called super stores that have 20 lanes but will only open five or six for customers even on a busy day!

I agree with you both ...

I agree with you both completely, although I DO enjoy going out into the madness myself in order to get the few things I might be able to save a little bit of money on.

My biggest gripe about the whole thing that people get in line for these things HOURS early..and then there are always the ones that drive up shortly before the doors open up and walk in with the rest of them. I used to really HATE this tactic but what I see from the people that have been standing there for hours waiting to get in the door is the fact that THESE people are the greedy gusses cos as soon as the doors open up...they RUN..and they don't care WHO they run over in the process!!

They had some crowd control at Target this morning, but it was like the crowd didn't care if there was some burley guy standing there trying to control these idiots..the guy got pushed around like a pinball in an arcade game and all I said to the woman standing next to me is, "All this rude madness just to save a few bucks?? I'll walk to where my product is..and if it's's gone!!"

A few years ago, I went to Menards to get their $1.25 deal on candles and practically got my hands scratched off people were grabbing at them so badly!! There was even a store clerk standing in the background that said, "People please..there are FIVE more pallets at the back of the store!!"

Not to mention the fight I had with someone at Menards when I entered and tried to get a cart!! I had my hand on a cart and this big guy decides he's gonna try to snatch it outta my hands. I was there with my parents and my 70 year old dad stepped in..put his hand on the cart and said to the guy, "Hey...she had this cart first..get your hands off it now!!"..and the guy says, "Geez..ya don't have to make such a big deal about it.."

LOL..ya gotta love it!!

I IS crazy...and I wish the really CRAZY ones would just take a step back and remember their manners.

not doing it...I refuse!

not doing it...I refuse!

I have more fun shopping ...

I have more fun shopping online. sister went to ... sister went to WalMart yesterday to get a Wii system..(and got there in line at 4:30 to wait for an hour and a half..she was like the 20th in line) and of course they were all gone at $249 bucks a addition to the X-Box 360's being gone at $199.

Funny thing was...she talked to a friend that worked there..and there were a whole FIVE to fight over!!

Tim thats my other big ...

Tim thats my other big Gripe. Why the hell isn't Nintendo making more Wii's? They create an artificial shortage on purpose.