Seriously!!This isn't the first post I've made about these damn drunk natives up here, but it's been a while (and it's also been summer). 


What the hell?? Last years drunk hitting the champion dogs wasn't enough of a reason to do something? I hate these stupid losers! What do they do for their life? They hang out, drink and smoke, take money from the government, and then complain about how the "white man" is the reason their lives are this way. NO NO NO - you make your life what it is! The only person they can blame is themselves. They take their government check and go buy snow machines and quads and booze and smokes. Then when their snow machine runs out of gas or breaks down what do they do?? THEY BUY A NEW ONE. You should SEE the machines abandoned out there. It's DISGUSTING. Stupid drunk natives piss me off!

Now a man that has done NOTHING but good is gone. 

*note: I am only referring to drunk ALASKAN natives in this post.


I remember you talking ...

I remember you talking about these drunk buttholes a long time ago. they really need to do something about them. I mean really what is it gonna take? they've already killed someone! prob more than that.