Sign Language


What is with people? I went to lunch with a deaf relative today and discovered just how moronic people can be.  I wasn't feeling well to begin with but this arse hole just set me off. 

I'm not skilled at sign language but I do my best, so were enjoying our food and talking away. I keep seeing this "lady" mocking our signing, I ignored it when I first noticed(seen it before nothing new). She thought she was being amusing and kept it up. I finally had enough when I looked over again and saw her gesturing to her friend and laughing hysterically. I got up from the table to confront her.

I lied and told her she shouldn't be signing about her STD in public because thats nasty and rude. I also told her that eavesdropping on a conversation is rude and to keep her fat ass outta of our discussion. I closed the whole thing by telling her not to sign if she doesn't know what she's doing, it just makes the person doing it look like a horse's rear end.

I went back to my table after seeing this woman's face turn red with embrassment. I swear to god I often wonder where people get thier manners from?  Thank god my family taught me better than that poster child for birth control was. Where were the condoms when she was conceived?


GOOD JOB confronting her. ...

GOOD JOB confronting her. That bitch should have thought before mocking you and your friend! Damn lucky it wasn't me or I would have knocked her fucking lights out!

lol Good for you! I wish ...

lol Good for you! I wish more people would confront people who make fun of others.

That as a good one. I ...

That as a good one. I can't believe she had nerve to do that.

Good for you.

I hate it when people talk slow and loud, or look the other way when talking to the hearing impared. Hello????

<p>damn, that was some ...

damn, that was some nerve and SO RUDE. I mean WHY make fun of people doing sign language? that was very childish.

If someone actually had ...

If someone actually had the audacity to sign about her STD to you guys..I would have given her the middle finger sign language and smiled while doing it.....LOL!!