Stupid ARSED drivers

So I am driving home a few minutes ago, approaching a side street. They have to stop and wait for traffic to clear, right? Right. This PINHEAD suddenly pulls out into traffic, meaning RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! He (or she, couldn't tell, long haired hippies!!!) spewing BLACK smoke out of the tail pipe (and it was NOT a diesel) just to (or so I thought) get into the slight gap I had between me and the car in front of me.

Alright, I thought, perhaps there is a line of cars behind me and they don't wanna get stuck waiting. I checked the rear view, nothing! Not just nothing, but STILL nothing a MILE later when this dweeb pulls into the banks driveway! This person not only could have waited, but they could have gotten out of their car and pushed it there was so NO traffic behind me!!!



Walter that was me just to ...

Walter that was me just to piss you off for being a McCain supporter. I can prove it too. The street name started with a letter somewhere between the letters A and Z or the numbers 1 and 999 didn't it? See? I'm not psychic, I just know because that was me. And I'll do it again if you ever do something so stupid as try and get elected a moron republican who sings "Bomb Bomb Iran" and chooses a brainless bimbo like Palin. Go ahead, just try me. Next time I might even let you hit me and sue you since there were no witnesses for miles. LOL!

Good, that fooled you to ...

Good, that fooled you to did it? Yeah baby!!!! I figured by putting out the little cloud you'd never guess it was me and I'd be able to make my getaway and raz you here later about it unscathed. Yee Hah! The whole plan came together like a charm! :-)

I have posted about this a ...

I have posted about this a few times a while back!!! I SO KNOW what you mean! these assholes pull out in front of you and make YOU slowdown and NO BODY AT ALL is behind you!!! WHY didn't they WAIT!!?? and just get in AFTER you passed???

cuz they were prob on the PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had one pull out in front ...

Had one pull out in front of me this morning while I was running late for work!!

They can obviously SEE that there's a gap behind why pull out in front of US??

Another good one?? People that have to surpass the speed of time driving through parking lots!!

A few hours ago I had to run to Walgreens to pick up some meds. Walgreens is off a major thoroughfare (however it's spelled)..and I think a lot of people cut through the parking lot to avoid the stop lights.

Anyway..I was driving through the lot..pulled into a spot but then thought I'd park a little closer to the building..went to drive ahead..and just barely missed getting CREAMED by DADDY JOE..two kids in the car..and ended up slamming on my breaks just in time or he would have slammed right into me...

He yells out his window.."Ya dumb C............"

I got outta my car and said, "Do you eat with that mouth in front of your kids..slow your useless ass down...this is a parking lot...not the Indy!!"

He went zooming around me like a bat outta hell...

Nice..real nice.

I NEVER understand why ...

I NEVER understand why people SPEED in the parking lot like that!!! it's a PARKING LOT, people are gonna be walking around!!!