Please remember to vote!!!


No matter whom you are supporting; if you are a registered voter: Please make sure you get to the polls in time to vote tomorrow!

Heck, I don't even care if you vote for Ralph Nadar, JUST VOTE!!!!


you said it sister! I'm ...

you said it sister! I'm going at 6am when they open!

I agree. I honestly don't ...

I agree. I honestly don't care who you vote for, whether it's O'Bama or Biden, either one is fine with me as long as you vote!


You didn't see the ...

You didn't see the "eg"?

It seems you have your tights in a twiddle this evening WADV, even more than usual. Could it be because you know that Obama and Biden are going to win with the victorious landslide of all times due to the republicans completely destroying every single thing this country stands for in just 8 years?

I was talking with a coworker today who hails originally from west Africa and then from France. He and I agree on many things including politics and he told me today how unbelievably bad it is that so many other countries which used to respect, even love and revere, the USA are now seeing us as the enemy, every since Bush and only due to Bush. Do you have ANY clue whatsoever how serious that is and how it proves that it isn't just 3/4's of our own citizens who find the republicans repulsive and destructive beyond belief but it is the rest of the world too! I guess you think everyone else is wrong and you're right. It's a big conspiracy, isn't it? Paranoid and delusional much WADV?

Get with the program. Open your eyes. See what's been going on. Everyone else has.

When the landslide comes down tomorrow, you can still change, you don't have to be UNDER it. LOL! Your choice...