Sad, VERY Sad


I would have thought with the amount of people complaining about the political posts something would have been done by this site to correct the problem. But alas, nothing HAS been done. I mean how many times do we have to complain about it? I guess Iggy and the people that run this site don't care about us at all. I can't remember the last time I saw the PM do a peeve. Of course it could be buried by all the political posts that we have been complaining about for months now.

It's sad to see a good site go bad because of a FEW rotten apples. And it's not just TGIX ruining it, because he's not the only one posting about it. Pathetic to think that people are running around with the attitude that they can do whatever they want whenever they want. This site is just like bad parents - they're lacking some disciplinary action! I have been sick all week and I come back to find the place ransacked by political posts, AGAIN, and now RK is leaving.

Pretty sad on the peeve-peoples part, to know they will just sit there and watch this site lose good people that the MAJORITY of the people here WANT here just to let the bad apples have their say. Looks like I'll be moving back to weekly visits, because I know when the election over it's going to turn into a "I told you this and that" bullshit forum, so I'd rather find a better site that actually DOES something about problem users! 


yeah, you're right...they ...

yeah, you're right...they don't even do peeve of the week anymore. I guess people got bored with it or maybe there wasn't anything else worthy of talking about?

<p>The most important ...

The most important topic and biggest peeve of all amongst all Americans is the political situation and you think that should be banned or even curtailed right before the election? Weird.

Then you complain about something you fear might happen after the election, your "I told you so's" when there is zero there to go on. You can't complain about something that has not even happened, or can you? I guess you can but it doesn't sound exactly, um sober to do so. LOL!

Maybe you should give it a rest. The time for all of it to end is near. If slappy/Mad Vulcan hadn't continued I would not have either but you saw me stop and then he went on and on and on so I did not want to see things go all lopsided in favor of a side I truly believe has done irreparable damage with their Ten Trillion dollar debt spending and taking from the poor to give to the rich. It has not only not worked but it has downright collapsed our economy. If that isn't important to you maybe you need to wake up, sober up, or whatever. People right here on this site and spouses have been hurt, lost jobs, had to move. It's happening nationwide to MILLIONS. This isn't some tiny thing that we can all go around in some personal fantasy world and ignore instead. That would be insane.

Don't be insane. Don't blame the messenger. Bush sucks big balls. McSame is, well, the same 90% of the time By His Own Admission! So we need change, not the change McSame stole to use for his campaign slogan but the original, the real change, the Obama change. He will not be able to make everything perfect overnight or ever. The damage done to this county is irreparable. But at least he won't take us out of the hole that Bush dug by Continuing to DIG More as McSame promises to do!

Wait until the 4th and then see who's saying "I told you so". I can't guarantee a single thing that will happen on that day but I can guarantee one thing that will NOT happen. I will NOT be saying "I told you so". That would be a terribly unsportsmanlike thing to do, that would be entirely too republican of a person. You know me better than to be so idiotic as to ever be one of them or to even try and act like one. LOL!

At least *I* post under my same one user name here too. slappy had to go all disguised on us and pretend to be this Mad Vulcan character. That's lame. That's feeble. That's weak in character, deceiving at best, dishonest at worst. See the difference between the two sides now? And I used to respect him...

Oh, and AK? When you call someone a "problem user" maybe you might want to look in the mirror first. 'Twas only a couple of threads ago when you called me "IGNORANT FUCKER" and that is not permitted here according to the rules so maybe you might want to take that back or voluntarily leave? At the very least don't be such a pot calling the kettle black. LOL!

Yes WA - it is VERY sad to ...

Yes WA - it is VERY sad to think that even after the election is over we will still have to deal with the nonsense, no matter what happens. Hence I'm going down to once a week visits - I'll pick a day of the week and that will be my one day to hop on. I didn't see he told you to sober up - I haven't been on in a few days, but it broke my heart to see the site let him run RK off now!

I don't know what happened Dawn, but I would think it might be hard for this site to get new people coming when it's being turned into a political site. I can't remember who, but I remember one fellow peever trying to get people here but they all said it was too political.

VERY sad that the guys in charge haven't dealt with this problem. Oh well for them, I guess it shows their lack of interest in a site they created!