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Republicans have gone WAAAAAAAAY OVER THE EDGE this time | MyPetPeeves.com

Republicans have gone WAAAAAAAAY OVER THE EDGE this time


A GOP newsletter depicts Barack Obama surrounded by watermelon, ribs and fried chicken.

They're racist and dangerous and ought to all just get the f u c k out of this country now. There is NO place here in the USA for such filthy sick ignorant and violent minds.


It isn't just that one little incident. All over they're hanging effigies of Barak Obama with hate symbols and they're attending Sarah Palin rallies yelling about how they want to "kill the nigger" and calling him Barak "Osama" etc.

It isn't funny anymore. It's sick. It's a mental illness. It's no better than the Nazis. And these people, every last one of them need to get the hell out of MY country. This great country was founded on the very principles of tolerance. Our constitution gaurantees equality. Anyone who can't deal with that can just get the fuck out. No one forces you to live here. Asshole ignorant brain dead brainwashed morons are the only ones who even think any of this is the least bit tolerable.

The first ammendment is the GREATEST. It does NOT however go so far as to permit inciting violence against others and that is precisely what these republican mentally ill maniacs are doing. Notice that not one single instance of a democrat doing the same has occured, NOT ONE.

There are two parties and one (the republican party) is evil while the democratic party is ready to try and fix all of the ENORMOUS problems the evil repubicans have created leaving us to scrape our economy up off the floor.

Now if you don't vote, and don't vote democrat, you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Why not just leave. You are VASTLY outnumbered by people who do have brains and decency towards other human beings. You can say you aren't interested in "politics" or that both parties are imperfect, but look at the facts. ONLY ONE PARTY IS TRYING TO TURN THIS COUNTRY INTO NAZI GERMANY. You want women and children and men being murdered by the millions because of their skin color or religion? That's what's next folks. History tells us that when these things are tolerated that IS what comes Next!!!! DON'T BE STUPID. STOP IT NOW. VOTE FOR THE PARTY THAT IS NOT LEADING US INTO COMPLETE ECONOMIC AND MORAL RUIN. REPUBLICANS HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT CAUSED DESTRUCTION AND CONTINUE TO ESCALATE IT WITH THIS LATEST DESPERATE DRIVE FOR THE HATE VOTE. IF YOU JOIN IN THAT HATE VOTE YOU WILL BE KILLING OUR NATION. YOU WILL LIKELY BE ONE ACTUALLY KILLED WHEN THE MURDER CAMPS START AS THEY DID IN GERMANY AND PEOPLE THOUGHT THEY WERE ONLY FOR JEWS OR ONLY FOR COMMUNISTS OR ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH BIRTH DEFECTS OR ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE HOMELESS OR GAYS - EVEN THOUGH HITLER HIMSELF USED TO BE A PROSTITUTE FOR GAY MEN!! LOL!!!!!  AND THEN THEY STARTED COMING FOR MORE AND MORE TYPES UNTIL THEY BEGAN COMING FOR THEIR NEIGHBORS AND THEN FOR THEMSELVES. THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE IMMUNE? IN THE END, NO ONE WAS IMMUNE, NO ONE... Hate knows no limits. Vote for the party that is not intolerant and hateful and full of anger and fear. The republicans want you to be angry and hateful and fearful. Just listen to them. McCain used the word "angry" about 10 times in his first 20 sentences of the most recent debate. He is one angry and hateful person. EVERYONE who watched the debate said so! Even McCain said he screwed up for acting that way!!!! Well, that is what he's about. That is what the republican party is about.

Care, compassion, acceptance, decency towards our fellow human beings, our neighbors, that is the American way. All that violent mentally ill thinking of the republicans has to go. It shall too. They are a minority but one that needs to be dealt with. Maybe after the landslide we can come up with Guantanamo Bay camps to put them in. I'm serious about it too. Enough is enough. We will NOT become another Nazi Germany. If you want that you need to be shot on the spot, no other questions asked. It's called self defense. If anyone showed up on my property wearing a swastika they've have a warning that I am required to provide, "get off of my property or I will shoot" and it usually amounts to "git" and *bang* from what I am told. I'm not familiar with that though, not a redneck, just preparing for what I see coming. These nutjobs, these republican bigot morons, have multiplied as we can see on the news every single day lately. I'm ready. Come and face me. I'll show ya the door and you'll be lucky if you see it on your way *out*. Face me. I know the bigots are cowards. They won't do it. Cowards, every last one of them. That is why they don't hang around to let everyone see that they are the ones who hung the effigies. Cowards.


<p>they knew good and hell ...

they knew good and hell well that shit was racist, whether or not she "found" it on the internet, she CHOSE to circulate that picture on a newsletter. if obama was linked to sending something around with trailer trash and confederate flags and pics of mccain, you wouldn't hear the end of it. she tries to justify it by saying that she eats ribs and chicken and watermelon...well so what, everyone knows that is a black stereotype, no matter what! and so what if her mom is married to a "mexican", what's that got to do with it?!

<p>DAMMITALL!! I stumped ...

DAMMITALL!! I stumped my big toe first thing outta bed this morning, and on the SHARP edge of the bedpost! Pray for me, Brethren, that I have a speedy recovery so as to make it to the carry-out and acquire the necessary medicinal elixirs to alleviate the pain of this unfortunate injury.....

um, ok whatever floats ...

um, ok whatever floats your boat...

Noowww Dawn, be good. ...

Noowww Dawn, be good. Racism sucks from any direction and from any party. I am a Libertarian, for better or worse, and we must not let petty, small minded people get under our skin.....OK?

Dear TGIX, Blah blah ...

Dear TGIX,

Blah blah blah. The fact YOU said the USA has no place for racists, you sir are being the very racist you claim not to be and claim to detest. Because we ALL know (Dawn will have my back on this one) old black people are THE MOST RACIST individuals on the planet. So, sir, YOU said that we should get rid of old black people. Shame on you TGIX "KKK" Hitler. I have now lost most of the shred of respect I had for you. Who's wearing the sheets and the mask? I suggest you look in the mirror behind your picture of Hitler. Shameful. Really disappointed in you dude.

<p>What drugs are you on ...

What drugs are you on slappy?
You're about as incoherent as John McCain was during the last debate. It was actually so sad. I once counted 7 words he stumbled on and mispronounced in a single sentence! The man is senile. What's your excuse? What drugs are you on? Nothing you said made any sense at all. I base my points on fact. You simply SPEW.

<p>Good try but No, ...

Good try but No, anyone who reads what I have said will see that I am exposing the republican hate mongering.

So GET IT RIGHT. Get your head straight. Stop taking the drugs or "drinking the Kool-Aid".

The gig is up. The country is ruin. The republicans ran it, were in Complete Control of all three branches of the federal government for 8 years and now they are paying the price for steering us off the proverbial cliff.

Even Collin Powell is going to endorse Barak Obama! LOL!!! He's been the biggest "Uncle Tom" there ever was and he is going to give his endorsement. He has seen the light. You should too.

The only thing I see in ...

The only thing I see in your post is more political bashing TGIX. The only hater here is YOU TGIX.


Get *YOUR* head right and save your political mumbo-jumbo for people that you might actually be able to persuade to believe you. Last I checked the Repubs were NOT in charge of all branches. Maybe you were one of the people yahoo news did the article on that didn't know that!!

Holy fuck, the one day I have internet in the office and get here makes me want to stop coming again!!!

<p>You want me to love or ...

You want me to love or even *tolerate* those nutjob republican extremist haters? Sorry, no can do.

When they hold up Monkey's with Obama's name on them, or hang effigies with hate symbols and call him a nigger and say outright things like "Kill that nigger Obama" and "Osama Hussein Bin Laden Obama" etc. then THEY, those republican nutjob hater extremists ARE the problem.

The fact that you would actually criticize a person for refusing to tolerate that insanity is itself proof that you too are insane.

We tolerate you don't we?

We tolerate you don't we?

<p>Since you seemed to ...

Since you seemed to either miss it or not comprehend it the first time -

When they hold up Monkey’s with Obama’s name on them, or hang effigies with hate symbols and call him a nigger and say outright things like “Kill that nigger Obama” and “Osama Hussein Bin Laden Obama” etc. then THEY, those republican nutjob hater extremists ARE the problem.

You tolerate that? Then YOU are just as bad as they are, downright criminally insane.

while it may be true that ...

while it may be true that old black people can be racist, the same can be said for old white people too, I think it has to do with the times they lived in and what they went through.

Well said, Dawn Diva, well ...

Well said, Dawn Diva, well said. Under our skin, we are all His Children, and ultimately we will all be like Him, or we will cease to exist....

Okay..watching this video ...

Okay..watching this video I have concluded that even a retarded 3rd grader could figure that this asswipe DOES NOT speak for repubs as a group. Saying so is doing the exact stereotyping the reporter and TGIX claim they believe is so wrong. Not all Germans were Nazi. Not ALL blacks are hate mongers like Jesse Jackson, Sharpton Malcom X and all those guys, not all white people are KKK members, not all Mexicans belong to the hate mongers over at LULAC or MS13. Christ TGIX, the one asstard on the planet they can find that doesn't see the problem with that cartoon, in your opinion represents all of Republican America? Grow up. You're such a hypocrite. You are just like the people that say I pulled them over because they're black or hispanic. By saying that to me they have defined themselves as everything they claim is wrong. What, because I am a white officer, this means I could only be pulling them over because they're black. When they say this they are exposing themselves as racist. DUH !!!! They instantly pre-judge white Officers, refusing to accept the fact they are the ones that chose to break the law knowing they could get caught, they blatantly disregard the the fact they are breaking the law, and further disregard the fact they could get caught, so when they get caught it's because I'm white. F**K OFF!! You hypocrites are all the same TGIX. You don't make sense. You're all less mature than most 4 year old children and nobody, and I mean literally NOBODY takes you all seriously. How can we, and still call ourselves adults? Please. Stop your hate mongering and at least TRY to pretend you're an adult. Now go put your toys away and wash your kool-aid mustache off your face. And I can certainly guarantee that if an Italian guy was running for Prez and someone did the same thing with his picture and lasagna or pasta it wouldn't even be an issue. Same goes for a Mexican candidate with a taco or a white guy that can't dance. Would get zero press and would ruffle a single feather. But it's popular these days in the media business to seek out any little thing that could even remotely be considered racist toward black folks. Actually it's always been the norm in the media to do so. There was a black police officer recently that shot a suspect. It was determined to be a bad shoot. Meaning it was determined the officer did not have to shoot and he was subsequently disciplined. Thats right, disciplined,NOT fired or thrown in jail. I'll bet you didn't even hear about it did you. Where's the outrage. I don't know much details about it but it was a black cop who shot a white suspect, so obviously the black cop is a racist right? What other reason could there possibly have been? Would you tell me? hahahahahahaaaaaa!!! I just laugh every single time the family if a dead piece of shit cries racist. Shut up!!! Your dead relative was a piece of shit, That's why he put HIMSELF in a position where cops were forced to shoot him. It seems every single person that gets shot by the police had 40 pages of criminal history too. WTF? But he was a good person. HAHAHAha NO!! He was a piece of shit that needed to be removed from the planet. As should every person that has the balls to try to kill a cop. Because if they are willing to kill a cop NOBODY is safe. Now what the f**k were we talking about. I seem to have gone off topic. HAHAha.

Again, TGIX : We ...

Again, TGIX :

We tolerate you, so maybe you should tolerate some things as well!?