Dvd Peeves


1. DVD's with Ads or trailers that you can'r forward through.  They are the ones that start right at the beginning, BAH!

2. DVD's that have no closed captioning.

3. DVD's that have odd cases that don't fit into our storage case. WTF is up with that?

4. Companies that put out multiple DVD versions of the same movie. How many bleeding versions of Blade Runner do we need?


LOL, you are so right. I ...

LOL, you are so right. I use the CC even though I can hear it well, but if it's late at night I can't turn the tv too loud so I like to see the captions. I usu. skip thru the ads when I can't press dvd menu, I just fast forward/skip and that usu. works for me. and they have rated versions, unrated versions and then the special edition with TWO dvd's!! what for??!! personally I like to get the FULL screen version and that's good enough for me. I don't wanna see no black bars on my screen!
and as far as the weird shaped cases, I have only one that can't fit on my shelf and that's the brat pack collection with weird science, sixteen candles and breakfast club in it...it's shaped like a mini binder, like in school. it's cute but it has to sit on top the shelf.

That's why I don't spend a ...

That's why I don't spend a fortune AND always buy most of my dvd's used except the $7 specials I got at Walmart in Ohio when I was there.

Classics, but worth having

Honestly........ .... ...

Honestly........ .... ......... *looks around* .... ..... *whispers*the blade runner reference turned me on*.... ... ...... *hides*