My Friday morning has been destroyed. I have never wanted so badly to rip someones arm off and beat the ever living piss out of them with it! I called yesterday to get set up to get my studs on the SUV. The guy says they don't do appointments, but that as long as I'm there at 7am to drop my car off it will be done by the end of my work day (which is perfect for me). 

So I get up early, and get my lazy butt moving (still tired after the hockey game). I arrive at the business 10 minutes before 7. I sit in my car and listen to the radio. There are three other people waiting by the door. Time passes slowly, and I see the clock in the building hit 7. OK no problems, it's a windy rainy morning, perhaps he's running late. Five minutes later my coworker shows up and I said "Go to work, I'll get a cab there. Let them know I might be a few minutes late".

I grab my stuff and I go stand with the other people (now there's 8 people standing there). We're standing around, some are reading, some are chatting, and I overhear a guy say "Yeah he told me the open at 8 but to get here about 7:30."       WHAT????

Apparently I was the ONLY person told to be there at 7, everyone else was told 7:30ish. WTF is up with that??? I have to be to work at 7:30! Why the hell would you tell a customer to show up half an hour before you tell EVERYONE else. Now I'm fuming mad, getting more and more pissed by the minute.

Finally at 7:20 I couldn't take it anymore. I had 10 minutes to get to work and this anus still hadn't shown up. I decided that I would rather pay $100 more for the tires then miss time at work and pay for a damn cab ride because this company owner is a jack-a$$ that can't tell everyone the same thing! Now I have to call a few other places and pick one, then set up an appointment. These other places are ALL pre-approved by coworkers for being good, knowing their $hit, and getting it done when they say it'll be done as well as being there when they tell you they will be there!

GRRRRR I think maybe I'll go look for steel and relive some of this stress I have. 


Ugh, that blows! Sorry you ...

Ugh, that blows! Sorry you had to go through that crap. What is wrong with people!? Good luck getting that done! I hope you find the right place. :-)

<p>I ordered a pair of ...

I ordered a pair of Kumho brand tires from (model Solus KR21) and I highly recommend both those tires and TireRack!!

First, no other tires I've ever driven on have been as good or priced so low compared to all others in their size/class while also getting the second highest rating!

Their performance is everything all the positive raving reviews said it would be. They are quiet (last tires are still on the back and you can HEAR them, Kumho's on front are nearly silent!). They handle well for straight highway and cornering performance is grand. They love the rain (don't know about snow and ice yet but everyone says they're great for it, likewise about tire wear since mine are just a few weeks new).

I've ordered from TireRack before. Their tires are very fresh (stale tires can be determined by the date code, old ones will not be nearly as good as newer ones). They shipped UPS ground Next Day! UPS is their cheapest shipping but I am near their Delaware depot and you would probably have to pay more and wait longer in AK).

They might have a deal set up in AK where you can get them put on for cheap. The deal is that they work with certain shops (I think some in every state) to guarantee a low rate for mounting, balancing, new valve stems etc. It's usually about 30-50% lower than the regular charges At The Same Shops!

I paid only $70 per tire. To get the top rated ones in my size and style would have been $120 apiece and I really have to wonder if they would be any better or if the "brand name" compared to these Korean newer brand are only getting rated a bit higher because there's a perception that paying more always gets you more and we all know that is not true.

What a f****d up way to ...

What a f****d up way to start the day!!! Grrrr! It's so rude to disresoect other people's time! Hope you have better luck somewhere else - F 'em - don't give them your business when they treat you like that!!

The place I take my car to ...

The place I take my car to doesn't take appointments either but has a drop box for the keys to customer's vehicles and they just tell us to put a tag on the keys with our names on them when we drop our cars off before they open.....and then they get to each of the cars during the day since, depending on the vehicle problems and what they's difficult to keep appointments timely.

They should have told you that since that's probably what they expected patrons to do before they opened.

Along with a complete and total lack of communication, it was rude and inconsiderate of them for all those people to be standing around waiting since when the place finally opened..they probably had plenty of ticked off customers giving them a piece of their minds!!

Didja call the place and give them a piece of yours??

This place didn't even ...

This place didn't even have a freakin' drop box!! All these people were just standing there waiting and waiting for the guy to show up! With normal maintenance I understand that appointments can't be kept, but this was a STRICTLY tire place, nothing else!

TGIX - things run differently up here then they do down there. When a company up here orders tires, they do their order and when they run out, that's it they're out. Many places up here are already sold out of tires, and will not be getting any more in until next year. See unlike the lower 48 we don't have anywhere to store them, so whatever comes in must be sold that season. It's too expensive to ship them back down to the lower 48 so if they can't sell them they don't buy them! If you try to find studded tires in December you won't be able to! Yeah it's a great concept to get a "brand" tire, but when it comes down to it: you just gotta take what there is before there is nothing left to choose from.

Plus, I own an SUV which means I can't use a passenger tire. Therefore my tire is more expensive. For all 4 tires to be mounted, balanced, state fees, yadda yadda I'm looking at $500. That's actually less then I expected to pay, so I'm pretty happy about it. I don't get stems put on because my stems are already in the rim and they're programmed to tell my cars computer what the air pressure is. But if I did need them they would have been included in that price.

The main problem I have is that the tire currently on my car is NOT made studded. I have to get a different size tire. Today when I called this other place (they will put them on tomorrow) the guy informed me that being my car is a 2008 and does NOT have the option for studs that I needed to call the dealer to make sure I wouldn't void my warranty putting a different sized tire on. I called the dealer and all is good. They said with certain cars a minor change in the tire height WILL void the warranty, but not mine. I got it in writing too!

I didn't call the a-holes yet. I am still too mad at them. Specially after calling these other guys and finding out it WAS possible that some of my warranties COULD have been voided. I am happy that it happened in a way - I'm saving $50 AND I found a good place that gives a shit about their customers!

cust svc has gone to shit.

cust svc has gone to shit.

it really has Dawn, but I ...

it really has Dawn, but I must say the place doing it tomorrow (oh shit it's already tomorrow for most of you) - they were great. My coworker recommended them and once they told me about the possibility of voiding warranties I could see they actually thought about the people.

It's hard to find places like that anymore! Everyone is just so ignorant and selfish now a days. Even at the hockey game last night, groups of 6 people had NO problem stopping in the middle of the aisle to have a conversation! WTF happened to moving over towards the wall and getting out of the fucking way???

Wow, that really does suck ...

Wow, that really does suck even worse than having to wait all that time and being late to work one day.

Did you let them know at that first shop how the guy told you the wrong info and how much it cost you in wasted time and frustration plus did not exactly help by making you late to work?