Vista.....~ rave


My company announced they are upgrading our work computers to Vista. I really like it but can't figure out why the company is doing this, they don't like any video or graphics. Vista rocks with graphics. My favorite thing is the active desktop.

Finally something good witht he computers at work!


They're doing it because ...

They're doing it because Vista is more secure than XP. Microsoft has also stated that they're only going to support XP for another year or two.

I wonder if my job will ...

I wonder if my job will change to vista. Oh well.

Wadv its a good move. Just ...

Wadv its a good move. Just make sure you run the compatibility wizard first and remove you security before making the upgrade. I assume that this will be done via upgrade? If so you'll come to an option to upgrade the OS or do a clean install, choose to do the clean install. The clean install will wipe the drive clean and basically start your PC as if its never been used. The downside is that you'll lose your installed programs and files, but those are easily installed if you have them backed up. ****YOU MUST HAVE THE CD KEY FROM YOUR CURRENT XP INSTALL BEFORE YOU UPDATE NO MATTER WHAT UPGRADE PATH YOU HAVE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT BEFORE STARTING****

I make a disk before hand with all my various programs I use (AIM, Yahoo, AVG Antivirus, Gimp, etc.), you have all the files you need on one DVD or external drive.

I can help if you like email me at:

I wanna install my vista ...

I wanna install my vista for home too. I see that it's worth it now, from what I've heard.