And they made a law about cell phones.

Calif. lapdogs can stay just that in moving cars

Sun Sep 28, 10:57 AM ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Hollywood celebrities can continue to drive with animals nestled in their laps.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is vetoing a bill to fine motorists $35 for sharing the driver's seat with lapdogs or other animals.

Republican Assemblyman Bill Maze says the practice is distracting. He introduced the bill after seeing a woman driving with three dogs on her lap.

Schwarzenegger says he's signing only bills that are "the highest priority for California." And a lapdog ban isn't one of them.

Having ANYTHING in your lap while driving is a distraction. I can't believe they didn't make a law about this, but did one for cell phones! If there is going to be a law about using your cell phone it should also include: reading, putting on make-up, dogs on your lap......


I wouldn't say it's a HUGE ...

I wouldn't say it's a HUGE priority, but it's still one, none the less. It's dangerous to the driver, the dog, and the other people on the road. California has it's priorites mixed up sometimes.

you know it's all ...

you know it's all "hollywood" out there, so that's why.

Of late, 9 times out of ...

Of late, 9 times out of ten that I have to use defensive driving to keep from getting run over or hit, the other driver was on his/her cell phone. They get in the left lane and drive under the speed limit or they get even with a car in the right lane and effectively block traffic. People get road rage over it and they start cutting back and forth from lane to lane to get around the idiots.
As for dogs in the drivers lap--- if that driver were to hit me I think the first thing I would do is get out of my car and beat the snot out of the driver for putting the dog in harms way. We have idiots here that put two or three large dogs loose in the back of a pickup. I just say a prayer for the dogs and assume they are much smarter than their master!

Schwarzenegger doesn't ...

Schwarzenegger doesn't think people driving with their dogs on their laps is a big deal and there are bigger things to worry about??

Ok..let's take this one:

Let's say I'm driving down the road with one hand on the Golden Retriever sitting on my lap........(since I can HARDLY have two hands on the wheel with HER on my lap..)..steering with one hand.

All of a sudden..out of nowhere comes this car.......

BAAAAM..we run into each other.......

Johnny Law shows up and the woman who's car I hit says, "Well...had she not had that DOG on her lap..."

So the person with the dog on her lap (ME)...she gets a ticket not only for irresponsible driving (since the dog should have been in a kennel and NOT on her lap) but she also gets a ticket for animal endangerment since...if she had to stop fast..the dog would have gotten his head smashed against the windshield.

Yep..happened to me while taking my dog to the vet. She decided to crawl into my lap..I was fine to drive..until the woman decided to blow the stop sign!!

Bottom line now is...they ...

Bottom line now is...they kennel...irregardless