Sorry to interupt, but I need ALL of you to pray here:

I will just post the email I just got, it says it all to any of you that remember what happened (BTW, I left the names intact so you know where to aim the prayers towards):

Dear Friends & Family,

I am sending this to quite a few of you to ask for special prayer coverage; Alisa called and left me a message at work just a while ago that she really needs some prayer help. Her ugly divorce continues to drag on and the kids are feeling the brunt of their dad’s tremendous anger and bitterness. He continues convincing them that he has been completely wronged and has not deserved any of this, even though he is unemployed and now homeless and doing jail time (on weekends) for his illegal gun possession conviction. Summer locked Alisa out of the house today and was yelling horrible names at her; there have been other such incidents in the recent past as well. The damage this is doing to Summer and Josh is hard to imagine. Please pray that God will intervene every day in the coming weeks and give Alisa great grace and wisdom in dealing with her children’s anger and confusion. She has continued to report things to the probation office involved and to CPS and has the children in counseling; at some point this has got to get better. I believe there is a court date to conclude the divorce on Sept. 30th. Thank you so much for your prayers.




You can interrupt all ...

You can interrupt all those "important" messages any time you want, walter. *hugs*

I will tell Adam's sister to pray for you friends (or are they family?) since I don't really believe in prayer. Don't flame me for my beliefs, people. So I think it would mean more coming from someone who means it. :-) They are in my thoughts and I wish them the best. I hope this all straightens out and the kids can move past this and live a normal, happy life.

Isn't it a shame what ...

Isn't it a shame what children have to go through when there is a bitter divorce. They are the ones that hurt the most and need the most reassurances. Not that it's an easy time for the 2 parties that are dissolving a marriage, but if they acted like responsible adults during all this and realized what they are doing to the kids, there would be less hurt for everyone involved.

Thanks walter. Though, I ...

Thanks walter. Though, I wouldn't mind you showing up at my doorstep. ;-)

My parents began a divorce when I was in about 2nd or 3rd grade. I didn't really care, but my mom seems to think that it effected my brother horribly. My dad is back home (has been for some time, as his "lady friend" eventually dumped him). I remember being hurt that I didn't get much attention. My brother and I were visiting my dad at his apartment. I wanted to play pictionary with them. They both sort of boomed, "NO!" They wanted to play on the Sega. The seperation of my parents for those 2 years or so wasn't what upset me, it was being ignored and them making me feel like what I wanted to do didn't matter.

My brother, on the other hand, seems to have disapproved of my dad coming BACK. When my dad left, he was the man of the house. Yes, only about 12 or so, but the man none the less. So my dad came back and that sort of put my brother in a "who am I and what position do I hold here at home?" It was after my dad came back that my brother began his "rebellious" phase.

I think my mom handled things the wrong way. Yes, my dad cheated. Yes, he moved out and left her with two kids while she was making minimum wage. Yes, he refused to help out when something broke down in the house because, "I don't live there." So I understand her anger. But she took it out on my brother and me. I honestly feel that a child will be perfectly fine in a divorced family so long as BOTH parents stay active and happy in the childs life. Not that we are messed up, but I'm sure we could have turned out better.

My brother ended up getting into drugs and drinking. Not to mentioned getting involved with the police on a few occasions (that I know of). Luckily, he turned things around and is a hard worker, fun and social, and great father, but he still resents my dad for what he did to us. I, on the other hand, am awkward. I hate being social, I don't like intimacy (just in general, nothing specific, perverts), and I don't really know how to be in a relationship. Look at the example I have. lol. I am starting to pick up on it, but I am still very cold and very stand-offish. My emotions are kept bottled up very tight until I end up exploding.

I don't know if my parents and their nasty short-term seperation has anything to do with me being "odd." But it sure as heck makes sense. When you grow up hearing your mom call your dad, "You co**sucking mother fu**er!" you sort of end up not interested in relationships. Luckily, the right guy came along who had the patience and understanding to help me realize...not all relationships will end up in suffering.

<p>It's too bad conana ...

It's too bad conana that your brother has that attitude still, regarding your dad. When that happens in peoples lives, they tend to miss out on many years of what could have been or will be a close relationship with someone that may have done wrong in the past but is perhaps now trying to make up for it or has tried in the past as well. I believe that if things like that are left to fester then you become a "victim" and it just eats at you, when the other party may not even have a clue as to you having a problem with them, esp. if that other party was never confronted, and the problem never worked out between the two. Your brother was a young teenager and yes those are very impressionable years but to let it go on still, he may perhaps only be hurting himself. Sometimes we have to be the bigger person and forgive someone for something. As far as you, yes things that we go through as children, sometimes regardless of the age, can have a profound affect on us, but the degree of that affect, I feel, depends, again, on how much we LET it affect us, and we choose the way we turn out, I believe.

**Sorry Walter, to intrude on your peeve with a response to Conana!! **

Yeah, sorry about that, ...

Yeah, sorry about that, walter. I was just giving an example and got a little carried away. You know how it is. :-D

*lots of hugs and other things*

Walter--- may not be ...

Walter--- may not be everyone's cup of tea--- but I am Catholic and we have a perpetual adoration chapel. I've placed their names at the chapel so someone will be praying for them 24/7 including myself. May peace be with them.