twice in one day!!!!!

my street was BLOCKED!!!

I went to get donuts this morn and when I came back home I couldn't even DRIVE down my street to park in my driveway!  2 cop cars were all in the middle and I had to drive up on the front LAWN of the neighbor's house to get in my driveway.  I live on a dead end street.  so there is no other way onto my street. and then when I got out the truck, I see the cops coming out the house across the street LAUGHING!!!  WTF!!??  couldn't have been too urgent so why couldn't they have just pulled to the side of the street?

THEN when I was leaving out to go to DJ's game, a big truck was blocking the EXIT of my street, stopped in front the manhole in the ground doing something!!!!  I was already rushing and then THIS!!!  THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY IN OR OUT MY STREET, WHY DO THEY DO THIS!!??  so I had to roll up on the curb AGAIN to LEAVE!!!!


just imagine if you had a ...

just imagine if you had a car, you might have been stuck even longer!

so true, good thing I have ...

so true, good thing I have a truck.