is this guy for real??

has anyone else heard about this guy too??


That was quite a video! ...

That was quite a video! Wow. I'm going to Snopes to see if it is mentioned there and whether it's true. I guess we'll know when the baby is born if it's true or not.That would be a kicker if it IS true, huh? Damn!

He can't even say her name ...

He can't even say her name right? He needs to learn how to say her fucking name!! It's pissing me off!!! GRRR He needs to say her name right!!

First off, his uncle working on the pipeline doesn't mean jack. The majority of the pipeline workers don't live up here, they just work their two weeks and fly wherever home is. When you work on the pipeline they will buy you a ticket to ANYWHERE in the world, round trip.

The myspace page on the video is for a band.

Oh and by the way, Bristol didn't go to Wasilla last year, or the year before. She's been living in Juneau.

I call BS. I am surprised that it's not on national news (which again shows it's BS - they're putting anything that might be true or isn't true on the news). But no, I'm calling BS.

This was a SONG AND ...

This was a SONG AND DANCE!!

I don't know what the rest of you call it but this kid got caught..and now he's on video doing some dumb ass song and dance about's bogus!!

He went on and on for 11 (yeah..11 MINUTES)..

Here's the link:

Hope it works.

I have NOTHING against ANYONE in this Presidency race!! They're BOTH good men but it's what we believe they're going to do for our country that matters to each of us as voters.

We all have beliefs and the beliefs we stand for..that's what we'll vote for as individuals.