pics in emails


When I get emails with pictures in them, for some reason, MOST of the time, the pics NEVER show up!  there are just big empty gray boxes in the email where the pics should be.  WHY is that??  is it me or my browser??  I use firefox and hotmail for email.  I can send you guys samples of the emails I have to see what I mean.


<p>Check to see if next to ...

Check to see if next to the email address it has an option to "mark this as safe". Usually that happens in my hotmail, and when I mark it as safe then it shows them.

Its been awhile since I ...

Its been awhile since I used hotmail but I think that in the preference section there should be a way to allow photo's to be shown.

these are all "safe" ...

these are all "safe" senders, in my contact list, not junk so I don't know.

Pictures can often contain ...

Pictures can often contain malcious code, your email client my be set to not open pictures by defualt.

In Firefox go to Tools, options, click the content tab. Look for "Load images automatically" and make sure that the box is checked next to it.

I can't provide help on hotmail but it should have something similar. Try googling it or check out the user forums.