Why We Don't Like You Mr. CEO

I recently read an article what mentioned that Corporations don't understand why the public doesn't like or trust them so I thought I'd make a short list for them.

1. Telling an employee "It's nothing personal" as you're laying them off or firing them. It isn't? I would say not being able to feed your family is personal, dill hole.

2. Firing employees thru email. Grow a pair and have the deceny to fire someone face to face, you souless bastards.

3. Its always so nice to hear you've bought a Titanic sized yacht from the bonus you got after laying off thousands of employees. It must be nice to be ineffective at your job and still get paid bonuses for it. You must be on some powerful drugs to able to sleep at night, I know I couldn't sleep, but then I have a conscience.

4. Stop trying to weasel out of your responsibilities. If you F@ck something up and someone gets hurt, take care of it yourself. People shouldn't have to sue you to get you to do the right thing. Also if you are sued stop sending armies of lawyers after customers brave enough to take you on; in short : STOP BEING A BULLY.

5. It's not kosher when you layoff a loyal employee to have them escorted off the property by armed security guards or police. It's only ok if this person is known to be unstable.

6. You know maybe spending millions of dollars on naming a football stadium isn't a good idea in these economics times. Call me crazy but wouldn't that money be better spent on R&D or even paying down your debts?

7. Corporations have cut back so much that employees are overworked and it shows. Customer service is horrible now, I don't blame the employees I blame upper management for not providing proper training or demanding too much of exsisting workers. I almost forgot to mention, having people who can speak english would be a pretty good idea too.

8. How about a little truth in advertising? Putting a new label on something and calling it new and improved isn't working anymore, most of us are on to that little game.

9. Stop with these customer incentive card programs and just give us the flipping discounts! I don't want my wallet or keychain filled with cards for store discounts, its getting out of hand.

10. Try and do a little more before getting rid of employees. Sell the company yacht, golf courses, jet, cars, and unneeded business trips. Fly coach if you have to!

Maybe after you have done at least a few of things I've mentioned then we may have some restored trust in you.




I HATE CEO's with a passion, they do more harm than good, and yet THEY are the one's who get the huge payouts instead of poor suffering dweebs who have to take the b/s they are dishing out!!

Not all CEOs are bad but I ...

Not all CEOs are bad but I can see the point this a few bad apples makes the rest look bad.

I might also add that here ...

I might also add that here in Ontario, we had a real mess a while back with the CEO of HydroOne our hydro utility, she would NOT go quietly!!!

MAN, I couldn't have said ...

MAN, I couldn't have said it any better! ESP. #1!!!!

I would add something I ...

I would add something I read yesterday that went something like this:

Stop paying your employees wages that put them just above being slaves while treating them without a hint of empathy.

The solution is if you ...

The solution is if you want better pay then get educated. It has been my experience that the better workers get paid better money not in all cases. But some of you sound like people should start out 33 bucks an hour to just wash dishes. I mean cmon if you do not like the fucking job the quit. Edward quit his photo job for another one.

You're wrong. I work two ...

You're wrong. I work two jobs. I just photographed a job at the Carnegie Institution and tomorrow will be down the street from there at a Major DC law firm that practices before the Supreme Court photographing two of their newest attorneys who were added since I last did portraits of their entire staff over the past year. Then last week my favorite millionaire client had me cover his younger daughter's birthday (I'll do the older daughter's party in March and their annual Easter party as usual - have for the past 8 years...). I maintain my largest corporate client, a giant in the food industry, one of the top three largest in the region. Portraits? Last week photo'd a doctor and her significant other both for her business use image and together for personal use.

I'd hardly say I "quit". LOL!

... Of course why should ...

... Of course why should that stop you from lying and making up whatever you want to put out there as if it were fact when it is nothing more than your imagination at work. After all, it is what you do best. LOL!!!!!! Such a troll you are Mad Vulcan. Go away.

Edward didn't you post a ...

Edward didn't you post a while back that you went from a big company to a smaller company? If I read it what you posted wrong then sorry.

That would my second job, ...

That would my second job, the one that is not my photography business. You apparently read a lot wrong and then take that wrong information and run with it. No wonder you come off as such an ass troll, you are, but maybe it's not your fault. You just have a serious comprehension and/or memory problem. Of course once that has been pointed out to you, as I am positive it has been many many times in your life, it is your responsibility to double check your facts and think twice before you regurgitate what you *think* you read or heard.

There's a portion of the bible that speaks about what one puts into their mouth being far less important than what comes out of it. You might want to digest that. When you fail that, and spew whatever you want to believe you heard or read here, you are a troll.

I don't think that a ...

I don't think that a dishwasher should make $30 an hour but he should be given a decent wage and some useful benefits.

I don't even think the ...

I don't even think the lower wages would be as much of an issue if people were treated better (I said MUCH OF an issue-of course it's still an issue so no making me wear asbestos underwear to prepare for the flaming I'd get for saying that's not an issue!).

Yes treatment is also a ...

Yes treatment is also a factor, thanks for bringing that up Timmar68.

Edward fuck you I said ...

Edward fuck you I said sorry then you have to rub it my face. So just fuck you asshole you trolling son of a bitch.

See; Outsourcing or Selling Us Out.

Another reason why many hate corporate America.