Why bother?

I work full-time for a member of congress who does not like to give raises.
I work my ass off in a SEVERELY understaffed office of only 4 PEOPLE that serve a constituency of 685,000.
I am clearly in financial distress, since they won't allow me to use the tuition reimbursement that is offered when you work for the Feds.
What the f**** am I doing here?

BTW, Hi everybody!! :)


GIRL, how the HELL are ...

GIRL, how the HELL are you!!?? email me @ fivedm5@hotmail.com!!! that really sucks when people don't know your worth! I bet if all of you walked out right now, they'd be up shit's creek!!!

XD Sucks that you're ...


Sucks that you're working a cruddy job. *lots of hugs*

Want me to punch that congressman in the manly-bits?