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Dog-gone-it! Man loses dog, river swallows car

PORT HURON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man driven to find his lost dog also lost his car after he drove onto the frozen Black River in St. Clair County, locked himself out of the idling vehicle, then watched as heat from the 1994 Buick's exhaust pipe melted the ice beneath it.

WPHM-AM, the Detroit Free Press and the Times Herald in Port Huron reported that a police dive team were expected Wednesday to help pull the car from the frigid river off Port Huron Township, about 55 miles northeast of Detroit.

The newspapers said the Buick was a loaner while the man's vehicle is being repaired at a collision shop.


Wow, what bad luck that ...

Wow, what bad luck that man has!

See, people! ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DOG CHAINED UP! lol. Bad things will happen if you don't.

Port Huron is my hometown, ...

Port Huron is my hometown, sounds like something the morons around here would do. What happened was this man took his car on the frozen river to look for the dog. At some point he parked the car on the ice with the engine still on, the heat generated from the car (as you could guess) melted the ice and down the car went. I can see if I can find the article if anyone wants to see it.