And why are the children the way they are???

So, I am working at the restaurant this weekend, and surprise surprise, a child goes running across the floor all underfoot and etc. Now, this is against our safety policies and every person is made aware of this through announcements when we see it happening.

So, after the THIRD time of catching this youngster, I walk her back to her table (first time taking her back). Now, she can't be more than three or four, so she shouldn't be alone ANYway. I explain our policy to her mother (calmly, btw) and what is her response?


I fought down a sudden urge to reach out and SLAP someone, and just said, 'I am not her parent, she should hear it from you so she believes it.' and walked away.

After that, I only had to chase the kid back two more times, but it would have been more if they hadn't gone home.

So I ask, why?


<p>I would say that either ...

I would say that either the mother does not care that the child is out of control or really does not know how to handle the child. For starters, quit taking her out to eat if she is going to continue to act like that and hellooooo who is the parent ????? Either way it seems she needs better parenting skills.

This child is too young to ...

This child is too young to fit into this BUT....In school they teach the kids that if your parents discipline you it is against the law and to call the police on them.

I had my oldest threten me if I grounded her she would call the poklice because in school they taught her....needless to say I handed her the phone and told her she was grounded anyway. I re-educated her, the ONLY thing I HAVE to provide her is a place to sleep, a clean change of clothes and 3 meals. That was all she got!!! She never tried that again.

My in-laws let thier kids run all over when we go out to eat. It is annoying!!!! My kids complain but I am ALWAYS complimented on the behavior of my kids when we go out to eat. They are sometimes TERRORS at home, but in public I MAKE them behave or they can sit their butts at home.

Sorry Walter. I wish I had something that would embarrass the parents so they would make thier parents behave in the future.

Children are the way they ...

Children are the way they are becuase parents are either to lazy or too busy to teach them anything. The TV is the parent these days; its no wonder why they get into so much trouble.

WADV, you could also ...

WADV, you could also explain to them the stuff that happens in foster homes. The horrors of that system should scare anyone!

Next time, just trip the ...

Next time, just trip the kid.


Poor parenting is one of ...

Poor parenting is one of my biggest PET PEEVES!!!

Children live what they learn and I'm sick and tired of babysitting other people's kids when I pay good money for a sitter.

I've seen it everywhere whether it be at the stores..etc. While there are plenty of good parents out there (and you can see it plainly by the behaviour of their children)..there are plenty of other BAD parents out there that just don't wanna take the time to parent. Their children are running rampant all over the place while the parents are going about their business..expecting everyone ELSE to watch out for their bratty kids.

I've steered my carts around brats running rampant in the grocery store...put up with bratty kids yelling their heads off in restaurants...climbing all over the place (to the point that at times we've asked to be moved to another table)...brats crawling underneath clothing racks in the malls, etc.

Once had a kid in a grocery store screaming sooo loud that the people around were cringing. Had another couple eating at a local Old Country Buffet with two bratty boys screaming and fighting as the mother said, "Hush..we need to use our INSIDE voice..." one of them finally got a bloody nose...and instead of either leaving (the BEST choice..) or taking the kid to the bathroom..she hands him a napkin as her and her hubby continue eating!!


The worse one was when my hubby and I were eating out with friends at a local supper club. I had two young kids sitting next to me drinking Kiddie Cocktails...blowing bubbles in them through their straws while the two parents were sitting next to them drinking cocktails..smoking their cigarettes..and yapping with friends.

All of a sudden, the barstool next to me with the brat sitting on the edge starts to go over!! Luckily I was able to grab his shirt to keep that from happening as his drink goes flying...splashes all over me..all over the bar....all over my purse, etc.!! The bartender came running with a bar rag to clean up the this kids parents keep on yapping with friends and smoking their stupid cigarettes...not even noticing!!

UGH again!!

We pay good money for a sitter so that we can go out and enjoy ourselves. Can't others do the same?? Either that or learn how to keep their kids in line while out in public!!

I NEVER understand why ...

I NEVER understand why people bring kids out who act like this! you KNOW you have bad ass kids, DON'T BRING THEM WITH YOU! like most of y'all said, they're LAZY parents, plain and simple. but for HER to tell YOU to tell the little KID??!! I think I would have clicked out on HER and went postal!!!

According to my mom, my ...

According to my mom, my brother and I were fantastic when we would go out. The worse thing I would do would be to climb into the round racks in the store (sorry timbuktu). It was like a fort. But we were never loud or destructive.

I am reminded of this video:

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