Email Peeves


A plea to everyone who knows me regarding email. I am not directing this to anyone person but to people in general, so please do not take this personally.

Please don't include my email address in a chain email, the last thing I want is someone I don't know having my email address.

I have my own religious beliefs, I keep my beliefs to myself and would appreciate if you'd do the same. Sending me email links to Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps will be deleted without being read, save yourself the time.

I have recieved attachments ridden with Viruses. Please scan your attachments before sending them and do not download files if you're not 100% sure they're clean.

When forwarding an email read the names that the previous author has sent the file to. It's annoying to get the same email from multiple people.

I don't check my email everyday. Understand that I am on a computer everyday at work and that the last thing I want to do when I get home sometimes is to spend more time on the PC. I'm not ignoring your message, just give me a couple days to respond.

Please don't send me amything illegal via email. Do I even need to elaborate on this one? I hope not.

Finally, Make your email readable. Use a Font that is easy to read, find a color that isn't too light or dark, and using all caps is considered shouting.

I'm not trying to be rude or condensending, it's just that I am getting 100+ pieces of mail everyday, most of which is junk mail or the items I've listed above.


I agree on all ...

I agree on all points.

On the more general topic of messages that are annoying, I refuse to answer any phone calls when people hide their identity by turning off Caller ID. If I see "Private" or "Unavailable" it goes to voice mail. If it's important enough then they will leave one. You wouldn't answer the door to your home if you looked out and saw the person knocking or ringing the bell was wearing a mask over their face, would you? Well I feel the same about phone calls. And for the solicitors who lie and say they are not soliciting when I ask, they claim they are merely "offering an opportunity" I have an air horn. It is VERY LOUD. One blast from that and they do NOT call back. I wonder if they are even able to make any more calls for a while as their hearing may very well be impaired. Too bad I don't know of an equivalent for annoying e-mails. With conventional postal mail I load up the prepaid return envelopes with junk, sometimes the same stuff they sent me with anything that would identify me torn off it, and send it back. They have to pay postage for that heavy envelope and if everyone did that there'd be a lost less junk postal mail and fewer trees destroyed to produce all of it.

OH YEAH! I agree also! ...

OH YEAH! I agree also! that's why they have Bcc: on emails, so that everyone WON'T see your address when you send out multiple emails! I don't even BOTHER forwarding those "chain" emails talking about send it to 10 people, yada, yada, yada....

TGIX as you know, I'm on ...

TGIX as you know, I'm on the phones all day.

The last thing I need is being hounded by someone selling me something or asking me my opinion.

The best thing I ever did was have call display and an answering machine. The ringer is off my phone 98% of the time.

I have a cell phone, but rarely use it.

Why must people be so obsessed with all this crap!!