they MUST be smokin some good stuff to think this will EVER happen?!

there are WAY more important things in this life, IN THIS WORLD happening than to be concerned with this "problem", and I use that word VERY LOOSELY!


oh, wah! My heart bleeds ...

oh, wah! My heart bleeds for them. Anyway, porn industry or not, it sounds like they want money just because business is down. To me, a bailout is a loan with conditions. We'll loan you money but you use it to get yourself back in order and you pay us back, not to just give out because not as much people are buying your products.
Talk about pork!

hey, I decided to make ...

hey, I decided to make some bad financial decisions and overspend for the holidays. Now I am in deeep debt. I want to get bailed out also...and when I get my bailout money I am going to go on a lavish vacation (and take some of my fellow peevers on a lavish vacation). Then when we get back I am going to need some more money to cover the vacation and to get naming rights for some kind of sporting event. (sarcasm)

Nobody should be getting bailed out. How can you say this business get a bailout for poor business decisions and this one doesn't.

<p>I think they are just ...

I think they are just trying to make a point to those retards in congress. Basically saying that the hands of every congress person are lined with cash from big banks, auto makers etc which is the only reason this congress has agreed to bail out those industries with no payback money gifts. There are just as many hands of congress people getting lined by the big wigs of the pron industry for keeping decency laws relaxed enough for them to keep doing business. I think Flynt and the GGW guy are just saying "fair is fair." The feds get billions from the taxes on the adult entertainment industry too. Probably as much if not more than banks and big auto makers so it's only fair to help out the porn industry too. Or one would think anyways. I think they are making the point that the idiot run congress should not have opened this can of worms. Now every industry that is hurting is entitled to govt no ay back money gifts like the banks and auto makers got. How can they give trillions to SOME businesses but not ALL of them. Osama WILL raise our txes to pay for this, that you can be sure of. He's going to give every taxpaying American a couple hundred bucks as a concession. And the greedy public will love it because they get a couple hundred bucks which will shut them up about the big bailouts. I'm not saying Osama is dumb, his constituency is and he will use that to his advantage. It's simple politics. Smart people reusing the idiot masses. It's the only reason the democratic party has survived. TGIX can certainly attest to that. that I'm done ... that I'm done lmao....I have to ask them this....

Guys still do the five finger shuffle..bop the bologne....Lucy Loosefingers..etc.

It's all free and it's all over the net for to these porn companies complaining that they're no longer making money...they need to go back to the days when "jerkin the gherkin" was free and just a matter of someone's imagination.