I'm so pissed right now, I can't see straight!

remember this??


well, today I get a letter in the mail saying that my claim was denied and that the asshole that hit me was NOT at fault!!!???  and now MY insurance has to not only pay for my damages BUT HIS TOO!!??

but that's only the beginning, I have now found out that the policeman LIED to me that day.  wow, can you believe it?  I was told that the other driver was getting a speeding ticket ALONG with the ticket he was giving me for "reasonable vigilance".  he told me he was giving him a ticket for speeding when I asked him what the hell reasonable vigilance meant while I signed my ticket.  and not only did the other guy NOT get a ticket, he made it seem like I was backing out on the street when he hit me!  I was NOT moving and was STILL on the parking lot, not even off the CURB when he hit me and the first thing out his mouth was, "I didn't see you"  but that's NOT what the police report says.  of course, HE says that he "observed me backing out from a private lot onto the street and he was unable to avoid the movement of my truck and hit me...!!!???"  WTF??!!  I SAW HIS ASS A HALF A BLOCK AWAY BEFORE HE HIT ME.  THAT'S WHY I WAS WAITING TO BACK OUT ON THE STREET!!!  NOW HE MAKES IT SEEM LIKE I WAS BACKING OUT AND NOT LOOKING AND CAME OUT ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF HIM!  IF THAT WAS SO, THEN WHY WAS I STILL ON THE CURB, STILL ON THE PARKING LOT!!??  I don't know how clear this will be for you to see but this is a copy of what was on the report.   

maybe if you right click on it you might see it larger.well, I don't know how to make it larger, it's hard to see it like this.

and oh, yeah, my insurance will probably be paying for my co-worker's truck too since I was PUSHED into her truck when he hit me and I dented her truck!! 

this whole thing was twisted and turned around and makes me look like I did something wrong and makes me look like the bad driver in this whole mess and I was so pissed to the point of tears because it's so UNFAIR!  I looked when I backed up.  you have to back up a little bit in order to see around the cars parked on both sides to see what's coming.  I did that and stopped when I saw that that asshole was coming half a block away.  what kind of stupid would I be to keep backing out when someone was coming??  and how do you hit someone who's not even in the street???

and I go to court on jan 14 for my ticket.  so if I win, then does my insurance still pay??  this is a mess!


Eek, I am SO sorry about ...

Eek, I am SO sorry about this!! What an a-hole!

Not sure about insurance paying if you win. I've never won a ticket case. -_-

That sure sucks, ...

That sure sucks, especially right before Xmas.

I despise lying cops. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them. It happened to me once when hit from behind in the Pentagon parking lot. I wrote about it here a while back. Speed limit's 25 mph there and the guy skidded over 35 feet into me but the prosecutor (yes, in federal court, even for traffic, they have a prosecutor) said it was unclear whether I or the other guy left the skid marks I had in Photos! That was AFTER she said I stopped and turned suddenly and he was following a car length back so he had no room to stop. She had also claimed I was in the center lane when I supposedly turned real quick without signalling. The skid marks she said might be mine were in the LEFT lane. I asked the magistrate (federal judge) which reality does she want, because in my reality the things she is saying I did can not both happen. He was angry I won my case, without a lawyer and told me to get out. I asked if I was being declared innocent and he just said "Leave, go now". LOL! They are such liars sometimes and not even good at it those bad cops and bad lawyers and bad judges - all of them. They should also have to pay twice the penalty when caught as they are in a position of authority, given the public trust to uphold. It's maddening. I mean in that court I faced SEVERE penalties too. They don't have probation before judgement, period. If convicted there was up to TEN years in prison with NO chance of parole (there never is parole in federal penitentiary) AND up to $10,000 fine. For me to have to go through that was a crime and someone should have been held accountable for their lying fool asses. The cabbie who hit me was not even ticketed either. He had been reading the comics which I saw on his right front seat. No way on Earth he was doing any less than twice the speed limit to have skidded 35+ feet! I have a photo of the skid marks with a metro bus exactly alongside it in the next lane over for perfect scale measurement. I signal too, habitually, often even catching myself turning into my own driveway and I live at the end of a street that stops right there, no through traffic, no one behind me, and I'll find myself signaling out of habit. I am certain I signaled. The cabbie was either an operative or knew someone or knew someone who knew someone... There's no excuse though.

Don't panic, many ...

Don't panic, many insurance companies will reject claims the first time everytime. Try to see if there is an appeals process you can apply for, also enlist your insurance company for help. If, by chance, the other driver has/had used the same insurance company then a reminder that you could take your business elsewhere if they don't pay up may be in order.

Not sure what to advise you about the police, perhaps Slappy could help?

it IS the same ins co. ...

it IS the same ins co. both of us have state farm.

rkinne01 has a good point. ...

rkinne01 has a good point. Call your insurance rep if you haven't already since THEY'RE the ones that are supposed to fight this out with the other insurance company (FOR YOU!!)..and since you both have State Farm....Your rep needs to fight it out with the other Rep at State Farm!!

This is what you pay your premiums for and your State Farm rep gets a cut of every premium you pay so.........call him and tell him to fight it out with the other rep..or you'll call the Insurance Commissioner in your state.

Calling the Insurance Commissioner in your state might not be a bad idea either and in fact..I'd make that call ASAP as they can lead you in the right direction. NO insurance company wants to be reported to the Insurance "Commis" as it's a bad mark for them.

Good luck in the process and keep us posted.

Crooked lying bastard cops ...

Crooked lying bastard cops suck sooooo bad.


I mean stealing toys from poor children???????

OMG, what punishment could be appropriate for such ghoulish monsters as these cops?

DAMN girl!!! NOW I know ...

DAMN girl!!! NOW I know why you told me to go back a few rants! That's just crazy!!!
Your Insurance adjuster can't see things your way? State Farm is a great Ins. company ... if your driving record is straight they should WANT to help you and put this shit on the other driver! If possible, keep on your Ins. agent, DAILY!!! They will eventually get tired of you trying to seek justice and get it ON with the other driver's policy. i know from experience that if you hound them with the fair argument that you have, they will eventually see things your way. especially if they think that they may lose you and David as customers because you are pissed and "can't depend" on your Insurance comapny to take care of you.
Bummer. Keep us posted, kay?
Thx 4 the card - you rokk!