I got only 3 wrong.


the 3 I got wrong were ...

the 3 I got wrong were about the look of a warning sign, when someone is trying to pass you and crossing double yellow solid lines.

I wasn't sure about the warning sign and I put that you could NOT cross the solid lines but I didn't notice the answer about the driveway and when someone is passing I said to keep at the same speed, but it said I should slow down some and then resume speed after they pass. well I didn't think you needed to slow down if someone else wants to pass you, after all THEY are the speeders, not me. LOL!

I got 1 wrong!..about ...

I got 1 wrong!..about legally blocking an intersection.

Got two wrong. Thanks ...

Got two wrong.

Thanks for posting that Dawn. With Everything being at stake every time we get behind the wheel I think it's critically important for everyone to brush up on that stuff every so often, at least once annually.

woo hoo! I got them all ...

woo hoo! I got them all correct.

That was a nice refresher quiz. I haven't had to take a written driving test for a VERY long time!

I should have only had 2 ...

I should have only had 2 wrong if I was paying attention, lol!

I was very surprised. I ...

I was very surprised. I tend to overthink questions.
I probably wouldn't get a perfect score if I ttok it again, it was a lucky fluke!

I agree about maintaining ...

I agree about maintaining speed when someone passes. The test had me down as wrong on that one too. I've always known it to be unsafe to do anything sudden or even different as a car passes. It freaks people out when you do anything unpredictable as that surely would be. For one thing, like sitting at a stop light and doing the old trick of starting to roll backwards to make the driver along side you think they are drifting out into the intersection, it would make the passing driver think they are going faster than they are if you suddenly slowed down. That could have them put their foot on the brake and, were anyone following them, they could end up having to do the same to avoid hitting them, and that could easily cause a "wave" that continued on and on if you have any idea how those things go during rush hour. All it takes is one guy fixing a flat over on the shoulder around here and during rush hour there will be a wave of slow downs, dangerous slow downs, that appear to be for no reason until a few miles later when you spot the tire changer. It's not good to change speed on the highway for no apparent reason, very not good.

<p>I agree, tgix and ...

I agree, tgix and walter. I got 4 wrong, too.

You may cross a double solid yellow line:
Your answer: Under no conditions.
Correct answer: To turn into a business or driveway.

I didn't see that answer, either. :-(

If a police officer believes that you are driving under the influence:
Your answer: You can refuse to be tested for the presence of alcohol or drugs.
Correct answer: You can refuse to be tested but will face stiff penalties for doing so.

I went back and forth with that answer. I was going to pick the correct one, but it seemed kind of strange to have put it the way they did.

If you approach an intersection at the same time as another vehicle, who has the right of way?
Your answer: The driver on the left.
Correct answer: The driver on the right.

How the EF am I supposed to know that? What if the other driver is across from me and we get there at the same time?

What should you see in your rear view mirror before attempting to return to the right lane after passing a vehicle on the left?
Your answer: The passenger in the rear seat of the car that you are passing.
Correct answer: The bumper of the car that you are passing.

I don't even remember this question. O_o

LOL, I agree too walt and ...

LOL, I agree too walt and tgix about the passing thing, I got it wrong too. I thought I'd just maintain my speed. and the DUI ques., I just guessed lucky about the stiff penalty answer. and the stop sign thing about who goes first, for some reason, I remember, don't ask me how, them sayin it's always the one to the right. and I know that you should NEVER block an intersection, although most of us have done it anyway. and I just figured that the safest thing to see when passing a car is if you see their bumper, then you're golden.