The Maersk ship captain has been released. Obama & the SEALs did Everything Right.


The troll can now slink away with his head up between his legs since his most adamant choice was for a knee jerk off reaction that would have resulted in a dead Captain Phillips instead of a live one heading home to his family this wonderful day. You would have killed him Mad Vulcan. I sure am glad you do not even have any power, you are absolutely clueless.

It was a classic operation executed with textbook precision!

We even got a captive ourselves now to pump for information on how the pirates are structured, their operation methods, names, locations... It's going to be very valuable to us and very costly for them.

Nothing Obama and the Navy SEALs did could have been better done nor could the outcome have been any better.


I TOLD you all there was ...

I TOLD you all there was needed was a SEAL!!!!

WRONG we will get no intel ...

WRONG we will get no intel because they are bringing the one pirate back to the US for trial that means he has been read his Miranda rights and he now has the right to re mane silent and he has a right to a lawyer. BAHAHAHAHAHA NO WATER BOARDING. So much for you fucking intel. Oh ya the Pirate is 16 bahahahahaha. He knows nothing anyway you are such troll.

Actually, we get no good ...

Actually, we get no good intel from torture (waterboarding or otherwise) that is an established FACT.

Not only WILL we get valuable intel, we ALREADY DID! The entire operation was textbook perfection. That told us a LOT. The pirates respond the way we would have hoped and will in the future unless they suddenly become suicidal which we have discovered they are not. They did not want to be shot in the head. They thought they could get away. All of that is very useful intel.

We beat them this time and with this knowledge gained we will beat them again, not sit around like some lame ass retard like Bush would have done or gone half cocked like he might have and blew the deal losing people on our side.

Obama was careful and calculating which resulted in the only losses belonging to the enemy. Three were shot dead with strategically placed precision shots exactly as planned. Obama knew what he was doing. Bush couldn't win a war if it were just the card game and he played a foe who was blindfolded and had both arms tied behind his back. He's a loser who cost us thousands of lives and Many Tens of Thousands maimed and wounded for life at the expense of bankrupting our entire country!

For you to try and take even one scintilla of the glory Obama has earned shows just how anti American you are. NO true patriot would speak so falsely and negatively of our President after he has just pulled off such an amazing rescue operation as this under His command. You are the communist scum or whatever your ilk is, you're scum, plain and simple. If you cared at all for our country you would be celebrating such a fine victory on Easter Day.

Just think it only took ...

Just think it only took him 4 days to act when it should only have been a few hours.

4 hours would have ...

4 hours would have amounted to deaths of our men.

4 days showed maturity and tact and cunning and it worked.

You can't argue with success, then again YOU can, you'd argue with the sun rising you're such an imbecile.

Obama is a Great President and is proving it daily and you just can't stand it. LOL! I'm LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good triumphs over evil. HA!

Our military men and women ...

Our military men and women are the best in the world had Obama given the word they could have mounted a rescue mission in a few short hours.

Wow, name calling. Really? Nice, but cheap.

An older and a younger ...

An older and a younger bull were standing atop a mountain one day when they looked down and spotted a herd of cows just as beautiful as they'd ever seen. The young bull turns to the older one and says "Let's run down the mountainside and fuck one of those gorgeous gals" to which the older bull replies "No, let's Walk down the mountainside and fuck 'em ALL."