Wallpaper Rave



I get bored with my wallpaper and like to freshen up it a bit at times. Leo Laporte recommened this site on his podcast, its very nice with some cool features (ie.dual monitor support, molbile paper, and HDTV compatible support). Alot of the pictures are high res and look awesome on screen.

*edited by rkinne for spelling errors*


awww I thought it was ...

awww I thought it was computer backgrounds... didn't know it was ipod/phone

It's both, just go past ...

It's both, just go past the splash screen, sorry should have mentioned that.

Ahhhh, I can see clearly ...

Ahhhh, I can see clearly now the... splash screen is gone..


some cool ones there, thanks for sharing. I always used digitalblasphemy.com, the free gallery not the ones you have to pay for. No way am I paying someone for what takes moments to make (my coworker has the program and showed me how easy it is to do that stuff).