The Downfall of Detroit

Here's an article about Detroit:

What I'm about to say may offend people but I can tell you why Detroit has become a rundown town.

Detroit has fallen due to the people who live there. The people who have become lazy and dependent upon the State of Michigan along with The Federal Government for handouts. Instead of working hard and/or looking for a job, the people seem perfectly okay with pumping out a new baby every so often then collect welfare and child support for as long as they can. Whats worse is these same parents are spending money on bling bling, cars they can't afford, wasting money on nail and hair salons, and mostly importantly not investing in thier children in anyway. Its a vicious cycle that no one seems to want to break.

The people of the city are the ones who keep electing and re-electing corrupt politicians, from Coleman Young to Kwame Kilpatrick., even after its been reveal that the mayors are dirty. The city council hasn't been much better either, believe me.

Crime has been allowed to blossom. Why? The good citizens won't call the police, then complain when drugs dealers, pimps, and murderers invade thier neighborhoods. People have been murdered in broad daylight with no witnesses on busy street no less.

Racial intolerance, on all sides, plays a role. It seems people just can't let the past be the past. It'a a shame too we have such a racially diverse community in this area that could really be a huge selling point

The people I have mentioned above that have run people out of the city and to the suburbs taking thier tax dollars with. These tough economics times have forced more to moved to the subs or even out of state altogther.


Insatiable Greed of many ...

Insatiable Greed of many in high places that went unregulated for years are responsible for the downfall of the economy, not the hard working people who are most of blue collar America.

I've never been to ...

I've never been to Detroit, but I've heard stories from all my Michigan friends, and have seen articles in the news. Like how people lose their house, but the bank can't sell it and now bums live there. I remember when the SuperBowl was held there, I was reading all about the bad stuff happening to everyone there, and it was just disgusting.

I know that sometimes people don't call the cops, because when you live with it, you try to turn a blind eye towards it. Hopefully if you don't call the cops, someone won't have to call them about something happening to you sort of thing.

I read the news anymore and I just don't think we have much time left. I know every era has their "dooms-day-people" but seriously... We have North Korea testing nukes. We have a global recession, and nobody can freakin' get along. How the heck is the world supposed to move up from here?

Again clueless TGIX ...

Again clueless TGIX speaks. rkinne is exactly right. Politicians have fucked it up royally yet TGIX puts his faith in government which has shown the ability to fuck up a wet dream. TGIX you have to understand thinks government is the answer to everything when in fact it is exactly the problem. When TGIX speaks of unregulated what he really mean is the government to take over every aspect of the business world.

The only thing government does not fuck up is the military but now we see O dumb a doing just that. He has increased every type of spending there is by leaps and bounds yet what does he do cuts the military. God forbid is some deadbeat has to do with 500 bucks of food stamps instead of 600.

This is TGIXs perfect world. The federal government takes over everything. No local government no cities counties it is all federal. No States no state police just a national police force. Remember O dumb a wants a civilian national defense force. Also remember TGIX agrees with everything O dumb a wants. You all might think this is a little extreme but I am telling you anything less then this is failure to the hard left like TGIX is.

Big brother is watching YOU.

I agree with you ...

I agree with you completely Rkinne, since I live in MI as well.

Wow, I mention how ...

Wow, I mention how unregulated greed is the cause of all this and the troll goes all ape freaking shit overboard with some diatribe. What an ass. What a troll!

Whats wrong TGIX did I hit ...

Whats wrong TGIX did I hit close to home.