They're all idiots!

So yesterday they downgraded the color of our volcano from Red to Orange. Basically it stopped having explosive eruptions, and began to build a lava dome. It still was having 3-4 earthquakes a minute, but that's all part of the building process, it keeps moving around up there. It was still steaming. So I said to my roommate "as long as it's having these little quakes we're good, as soon as it doesn't have one, it's going to blow again". Low and behold, 6am he blew his top. When are the volcano people going to realize they need to STOP downgrading the color, and when they WOULD downgrade, warn people that another eruption is on the way? There is no way I'm smarter then them, but so far it's Stef 3 AVO 0.

Also, there's an oil platform towards the bottom of the volcano. It has some oil there yes, but lately people have been freaking out about getting it drained in case something happens to it. I kept saying "Why are we risking lives and an even worse oil spill to empty these when it's been built up around so it won't flood or leak?". SO being they downgraded the color, they sent in people to get the oil out. If you ask me, they would have been better off going in when it was code Red! Not sure what the update is on them yet, haven't heard anything...

No ash heading this way, it's headed south again. When it heads that direction it does cancel flights, the flight path to Seattle and anywhere is exactly where the ash cloud is heading. I've heard some stories too up here, of people stranded. There's college kids stuck in Seattle that left for spring break and can't get back. A coworkers wife was up for three days straight keeping her eye on a video camera that was watching an armored truck with $17 million she was responsible for. People stuck in Vegas that were going to get a car and drive back. I was considering taking a weekend get away trip too, to chill out after last month, but I'm not leaving this state for a few months (until Redoubt has chilled out himself). I'm smarter then to get stuck!

OH: And a rave: Wii game called De Blob. Rated E, and absolutely a good time. My coworker let me borrow it and I'm hooked!!! Also, April is already going better then March did, and I'm so glad for that. My check for my deductible to fix my car is on the way, the weather is great, my back feels good, all is well for now. And we have an election coming up so I can't wait to vote for a new mayor!!


OK here's a clip from the ...

OK here's a clip from the article:

"Crew members at the tank farm took cover in a

It *should* go like this ...

It *should* go like this -

A meteorologist says it's going to be sunny all day, no chance of rain? Then they should be forced to leave their umbrella at home!

They say it's going to be warm on a spring day? They should be forced to leave their jacket at home.

If they predict no volcano mayhem like ash and quakes and lava flows and flying massive molten boulders shooting everywhere then they should be forced to catch one in a butterfly net and ride a dog sled pulled by poodles to Fairbanks. OK, yeah, I know, it's the only other place anywhere near Anchoridge that I can think of so sue me LOL!

LOL I just might sue... ...

LOL I just might sue... Fairbanks is about 7 hours away!!!

Yeah, I know how volcanoes are so unpredictable, but how come I keep predicting what's going to happen?? I mean something becoming active is hard to detect, unless you have things in place, as we do. We had a volcano up here become active after THOUSANDS of years, and it's all because we had the proper equipment in place. It's covered by a glacier, and luckily it went back to sleep (for now).

I don't know... maybe it's just easy to me. I saw the specials on tv, I know what a volcano is, and why it blows up - pressure. So that would say to me if a volcano is "upset" and suddenly gets quiet, IT'S GOING TO BLOW!!!! The more earthquakes it has the better - that means it's relieving pressure.

But I guess it's just me that understands that.