THIS is what is going on with GOOGLE (and go to the link, there is a photo of what the ehice looks like!!

Angry British villagers stop Google maps car
Fri Apr 3, 11:56 am ET



Unfounded fears. If ...

Unfounded fears.

If there are valuables inside the home that are visible from the street then an opportunistic criminal may very well be enticed by them. Burglars however do not sit on a computer somewhere searching for a stereo or an Xbox in a window and then dispatch to that area however far away. That's ridiculous. Those opportunities exist all over the place, no need to do that.

To cut the risk of burglary dramatically simply keep valuables out of view.

well whenever I go to my ...

well whenever I go to my street it still shows it from THREE years ago! totally OUTDATED. the truck from the cabinet company is in front my house when they delivered my kitchen cabinets!!!

I agree with TGIX, ...

I agree with TGIX, perfectly stated.

Oh please, you can't stalk ...

Oh please, you can't stalk someone with these pictures! They're soooo old!!! Shit, the picture of my house doesn't even show my PREVIOUS car in the driveway, it shows just my roommates truck and it was taken in the fall. That means it's at least three years old, if not older!

And you can't see anything in them, I tried to zoom in on his license plate to see if I could read it and I couldn't. They're not "quality" images.

If you think google doing this is going to help burglary or stalking, then you need to commit yourself to a psychiatric institute!

"his pic is clear enough ...

"his pic is clear enough that IF he WAS hiding from something, he is caught now!!! "

Really? How so? i mean do you think someone is looking up and down every single street picture in the U.S. (as if that could even be accomplished in a person's lifetime) for people who are hiding from something, know what they look like, and are going to happen to stumble upon them in these pictures? Do you really???

Ask any skip tracer if that would be an effective method and he will laugh you into orbit. There are many ways to find people and that is NOT one of them.

Welcome to the future ...

Welcome to the future where privacy is a thing of the past.

well google must not ...

well google must not update very many areas. only one of us has a current pic.