Has anyone spoken to AKsnowbunny lately??

I read where a volcano erupted 5 times last night by Anchorage. Isn't that where she is? I just wanted to make sure she was OK.


I can email her.

I can email her.

This is amazing. Even as ...

This is amazing. Even as only a relatively small amount of ash is expected to fall on Anchorage the implications can still be quite serious. Keep in mind that air transport is a vital link and often The ONLY link between many remote parts of Alaska and the rest of the world. It is the ONLY way supplies can get in and out and the ONLY way to receive medical care better than what can be limited to (depending on the specific location) only the most very basic. Planes are horribly affected by the enormously abrasive ash. Anyone with breathing problems is pretty much urged just not to breathe.

Redoubt was last active in 1989, when eruptions lasted for five months, USGS geophysicist John Power said at an early morning news conference Monday.

"We would expect Redoubt to have some level of explosive activity for the next weeks or months," Power said.

The USGS estimated the height of the eruption cloud at 50,000 feet and warned that mudflows were possible on the Drift and Crescent rivers, and ashfall was likely near and downwind from the volcano.

Aviation has been affected, Power said.

"I understand a number of commercial flights have been canceled coming in and out of Anchorage International Airport," Power said. "We could see disruptions to air travel to south central Alaska, and Alaska as a whole, for a period of weeks to months."

Aircraft carrying a total of roughly 20,000 passengers fly through the area on any given day.

I'm here!! Thanks to ...

I'm here!! Thanks to Dawn!!! I got an email from her and figured I should check in!

We didn't get ANY ash in town here, it all went to the west of us. The ash cloud that was heading our way was actually 9 miles up, which is pretty high and although it doesn't do anything to us in town, it does do something to planes.

Planes have been heading south out of Anchorage, but a good chunk of the flights north have been canceled. Now this is STRICTLY commercial flights - the bush pilots can fly anywhere they want, whenever they want.

I talked to some of my lower 48 friends that said they "saw the video of the eruption" today on their local news. I hate to inform any of you that THOUGHT you saw it that you didn't, you saw the eruption from '89. I actually had a friend FIGHT me telling me that what she was was the recent eruption, it wasn't until I informed her to look at the video and tell me if that looked like 10pm that she realized I was right. All I said was "of course I'm right, I live here!!!". Stupid broad!

As of right now the Volcano people are doing a flight down there to check things out - they will be the first people to see what it looks like since the eruption. It had 5 big eruptions, and then 6-7 small ones. All sent ash WAAAAY up in the atmosphere.

It's cool to be here for it, I was just hoping we'd get some ash so I could make an ash angel, or an ash man. Or maybe even go ash riding... apparently I'm the only one in town that feels that way. We did have a pretty big warning about this though, it was about two months ago that Redoubt "woke up" and we were warned about a possible eruption, so most of us stocked up on stuff then. Only the idiots didn't heed warning. I've been prepared, and have dust masks everywhere I go (home, work, car). I did put some extra water in my car today just in case I get stuck in traffic somewhere.

Anywho, I'll try to remember to stop in later this week. Until then....

avo.alaska.edu is the site for keeping up to date on it. That's the one us locals use!

YAY, bunnie!!! still ...

YAY, bunnie!!! still alive to talk about it...LOL!!!

Hey, thanks for checking ...

Hey, thanks for checking in! Glad you're ok.

Sounds exciting. Devastating, but exciting.