A Rave


Ok my I-Tunes has a tab in each song that will allow you to input lyrics, but I-Tunes for some strange reason doesn't offer an automatic way to fill it in. I started to type the lyrics by cutting a pasting from various website, which I realized would have taken for ever. I searched Google for a solution and found I-Lyrics through wiki-pedia. Great progam!

You open I-Tunes then launch this program, you select a song (you can select multiple songs if you like) then hit the find lyrics button. The program connects to a server and downloads the selected song lyrics for you, its not 100% accurate but does a decent job. The mistakes are usually quite minor and easily correctable, its quicker then either typing everyhing out or cutting and pasting from the web.

This is a nice feature when you're trying to figure out what it is Mick Jagger is babbling about in Jumping Jack Flash (odd lyrics there trust me). I don't understand why Apple doesn't include this on I-Tunes, but then this company is poorly run to begin with.


I have not been mpressed ...

I have not been mpressed with the 'improvements' made tot he I-tunes site. They keep making it harder to manage your stuff.

I agree, I also found that ...

I agree, I also found that its getting slower and slower as it gets "better". I kinda regret getting an I-Pod touch, I miss using Rhapsody to sync.

I didn't even know I HAD ...

I didn't even know I HAD this feature with my ipod! where is it located in the itunes program? or how do you find it?