lol supermarket math

Yesterday, I went to buy coca-cola. There were 2 displays, side by side. One display offered this- 2 18-packs for $10.00. Next to it had this offer- 3 12-packs for $10.98. Both were coca-cola.


So...which ones did you ...

So...which ones did you get? lol.

I'm wondering if it was corporate or the store who thought that little "deal" up. Whoever it was needs to get kicked in the dangly bits for being such a dumbass. lol.

that is what I was gonna ...

that is what I was gonna ask?
great minds think alike! LOL

Maybe it is a convienience thing? Seems silly to me also.

well, DUH!? you'd really ...

well, DUH!? you'd really have to be an IDIOT not to figure that one out!? I guess they're hoping people go for the "3 for" deal, making it sound like they're getting more!

did you bring this to ...

did you bring this to their attention...I would have. they prob were clueless about both signs being there!