Someone's Short A Few Brain Cells


WTF? Is the Pope really serious? Condoms don't cure AIDS but does help, at the very least, slow the spread of it. I shouldn't be surprised, this is a man who joined Hitler's youth movement in his younger days, obviously not the brightest bulb in the Nazi lamp.

The catholic church continues to provae just how out of touch it is, clearly they need to join the 21st century. It's amazing so many people blindly follow this mental midget.


I'm catholic but I'm pro ...

I'm catholic but I'm pro choice, pro disease prevention. and I don't see how he could even FIX his mouth to say that condoms doesn't help Aids in any way?! it certainly would help prevent new cases and spreading it even further! cuz to tell people NOT to have sex AIN'T working, ESP. if they have already HAD sex!!! DUH! hello!!!

He knows he's lying. He ...

He knows he's lying. He knows that we know he's lying. What he's counting on is the fact that most people are not well educated, feeble minded, easily brainwashed, and yet somehow they all survive these morons and they have money, money HE wants. The dumber they are the more he can squeeze out of them. Does he do some good with it? No question, lots of good. But to prey upon the weak the way they do, that church is not just behind the times, to do such things proves they are lack of ethics.

It's no secret that they will have a larger income, more power, if the flock uses no birth control therefore having more children to grow up and earn and put in the plate when it's passed around every Sunday. They're preying upon the weakest too, the most feeble minded who are too stupid to question their ridiculous lies. It's brainwashing and borders on enslaving these poor souls. They use the most of the very same techniques that are used when defining whether a group is a cult. Why would they need to employ such underhanded persuasive techniques if they have "the answer"? Anyone who has a good enough product to sell doesn't have to push it, it sells itself.

The irony could not be greater when those who claim to be the most ethical turn out to be the least.

You guys are certainly ...

You guys are certainly courageous, making such disparaging remarks about the Holey Fodder.....hehhehheh

Um Actually the pope is ...

Um Actually the pope is correct. Condoms do not cure aids because there is no cure for aids. However they will prevent aids but they are not 100 percent full proof. So in essence the pope is correct.

That might be true if he ...

That might be true if he used the word "cure" but I think his words actually were that "condoms are not the answer" to AIDS. And neither is the difference between those two statements a subtle one.

The pope was absolute - absolutely incorrect. He lied. He knows better. You might as well face it; he's a liar.

No condoms don't cure the ...

No condoms don't cure the disease but they do prevent the spead of it and thats what the Catholic church fails to acknowledge. Mad Vulcan so should these people not protect themselves because some man in funny hat says so?