A Rave: Windows 7


I am reallyimpressed with this operating system!

Its faster than either XP or Vista.

It starts and shuts down faster.

Programs load up and close faster.

The UAC that everyone hated in Vista now runs in the background coming up only if something you're installing is known mal-ware or incompatible.

There is a nifty new window resizing scheme that allows easier window resizing. No more click on a corner then dragging a window to resize (you can still do it if you choose); with this new feature all you have to is click on the bar at the top of the window and move left or right to resize the window.

Networking options have been revamped and should be much easier for the casual user to configure.

Windows 7 will allow you to remove Internet Explorer, Windows Movie Maker, Media Player, and other Windows components. **Be very careful here, if you choose not to install say Windows Media player for instance, then you'll need to install a media player like I-Tunes or Rhapsody or DVD's, CD's, and other media files will not play. I personally think Winamp is a great Windows Media replacement. If you decide you do want those features late they can be installed from Windows Live.

Like Vista, I have yet to see a crash or Blue screen of deat (BSOD).

Windows 7 has the Aero interface but runs it using fewer resources. The system specs are less dramatic than what were needed for Vista.

You can run a search on Youtube see it..looks cool.


I HATE those BSOD's!!!! I ...

I HATE those BSOD's!!!! I see them a few times here and there!!!!

Ya waiting for Windows 7 ...

Ya waiting for Windows 7 to be standard on all computers before I buy one.

Should be on machines in ...

Should be on machines in time for X-mas.