what a flippin' day....

Ya ever have one of those days that you just wish you never got out of bed? One of those, "man, if I knew then what I know now, things would be done differently" sort of days... Well, that was my day today. It all started this morning, when I woke up and wasn't happy. It's Friday, but I wasn't happy. I didn't want to leave the house, let alone leave bed. But I did, because someone has to pay for the people living off Uncle Sam... Plus I missed work Thursday due to 23 year old scotch (not my fault, and I'll leave that story for another time, if ever). Maybe because it's this time of year last year that my best friend killed himself that had me not ready for the day, maybe it's trying to help my roommate get ready to lose his sister to cancer. But no matter what it was, I just knew today wasn't my day.

I started my car and had to deal with the latest snowfall. Imagine freezing rain, 5" of snow, then more freezing rain on top. It was solid as a rock, and heavy snow. But I cleaned off the car and didn't complain, it's like exercise and there's so much more stuff worth complaining about. That's been my thing to do lately, not complain or let things bug me. So I went to work, same ol' same ol'. Our receptionist comes back on Monday, so today was my last day helping out up front for her. I talked to some coworkers about lunch, but they were going later and being the one answering the phones I couldn't join them. So I thought about this AWESOME steak and cheese sandwich I was introduced to, and my mind was made up. I got in my car, and headed out to lunch.

As I approached the first red light, I noticed a Dodge truck behind me, and it really stuck out. Maybe because she was too close to me for my comfort, maybe because she was bigger then me, who knows. As I approached the next light it turned yellow. The LAW up here states that you stop at a yellow if it's safe to do so and you can. I could, and if I didn't stop for the yellow I would have blown through a red light, and I really didn't want to do that. So I stopped. And then I looked in my mirror and said "OOOOOHHHH SSSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTT"


Talk about a hard hit. I instantly felt pain in my shoulders and head, but then it was gone. I don't think it was shock that kept me calm either, I think it was just the fact that I knew today just wasn't my day. The girl in the Dodge came up to me, made sure I was ok, and I hit my little OnStar button. We drove up a few blocks to the first area we could be out of traffic, and I got out to assess the damages.... Nothing to be seen on my car, well almost nothing. The rubber mat on top of my bumper was popped up, but I popped it back in later at work. I have two TINY dings, that you can't see unless you know what to look for, from where my bumper caved in and popped back out. Now her truck, ooohhh man she took the beating. Her front bumper was caved in as a "V" shape about 6-8" into the truck. The cop came, filled out his stuff, exchanged our info, and sent me on my way. He gave her a citation I guess, not sure what for.

Good god do I hurt now. I made a chiropractor appointment as soon as I got back to work, as I learned from my last accident that whiplash is not something to leave to time. They gave me an adjustment and some therapy. I go back tomorrow, then again on Monday. Then I bet I have to keep going back to make sure we keep it fixed and it doesn't get messed up like last time. I have to take my car in Monday night to have Allstate look at it and make sure there isn't anything "internal" wrong with her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there isn't. I'm sure they'll give me a new bumper, but I just hope that's all that is wrong. I'd upload some pics but I lost my camera after taking them, I think it might be at work. My head hasn't been in today at all, and now it just hurts.

You know even now I'm not upset. And I probably should be - my car isn't even a year old. But the way I see it, I'm ok (other then whiplash) and she's ok, and the only thing damaged was vehicles and really, F the vehicles. I'd rather my car blow up then me be hurt. I'm just a little confused as to why I'm still so calm, I feel like it's all just rolling off of me and that I don't have a care in the world. Maybe I'm just fed up with things lately that I'm not caring? Who knows.... I just hope I feel better when I wake up tomorrow, not worse. Maybe ya'll can hope with me?

I'll do my best to check back in too, I just needed to get that off my chest. I'll try to upload pics when I find my camera too, I should know more about my car by then too. As of right now if nothing internally is wrong, then you can't even tell it was hit. I just wish I had my camera on me at the time to take the pics of her truck, it's ugly. F Dodge, my Chevy is a TANK!!! Oh, and my OnStar was about to expire, and after how wonderful they were today I renewed it. I didn't even have my phone on me at the time, and thanks to OnStar I didn't need it. They even called my work so I could leave a message with the answering service that I was in an accident and would be late. THANK YOU CHEVY AND ONSTAR!!

Ugh, I'm off to refill my drink. My dr said to ice myself inside with rum, so I'm taking that advice. Just a few though, I don't need to be hungover at all!! Just something to bring my blood pressure back down. For how calm I was/am it was pretty high.


Glad it wasn't any ...

Glad it wasn't any worse.

You're so right about it just being a thing and what's most important is people. Sounds like you could be on one of those Onstar commercials. LOL

Sorry your truck got hit, ...

Sorry your truck got hit, good you are not badly hurt!

Yikes, sorry you got hit! ...

Yikes, sorry you got hit! But I am so glad that you're ok.

Maybe you should see a doctor about your "blah" feeling. Has this been going on for a while? I guess it could also be the weather. This cold and snow can really suck the life outta you. I know I have cabin fever. *big hug* I hope you feel better soon.

wow, I'm just getting ...

wow, I'm just getting around to reading this...SO SORRY, but at least you're calm, and only mildly hurt. my truck had just made a year when that asshole hit me, but I wasn't calm like you. you saw it coming, so you prepared yourself. this butthole came outta nowhere! but glad onstar was good to you, I had it free the first year, but they never called or sent anything for me to renew, I thought they would have. I might do it anyway. I did keep my XM radio though, LOL!

First: the car is fine. ...

First: the car is fine. She was looked over today and it's all minor damages, and I should have a check from her insurance to cover my deductible before I have to pay that out of pocket. My insurance guy said they're quick about getting the ball rolling, and keeping me happy. I hope he's right!

Bad news: I have to pay for my medical stuff. Apparently I didn't have medical on my car insurance??? That was a shock to me. So I have to pay lots out of pocket for the chiro, then when he gives me a clean bill of health I'll get a "settlement" from her insurance company which will pay for all my bills. I don't know how that works, I'm going to call tomorrow and find out for sure. GOD I hope I don't need a lawyer!

About my mood: Conana - we're up over 11 hours of daylight, the possibility of this being a weather induced thing is over. In December we have 4 hours of daylight, and that's when everyone kills themselves and goes super depressed. Our cabin fever period is over right now, and everyone up here is entering the summer "manic" stage of getting ready for 24 hours of daylight. If anything I should be freaking out with energy and wanting to kick that girls butt, but this is more mental. I'm seriously just letting everything roll off me like it isn't even happening. I will talk to my shrink about it tho, on my next visit.