I have kept up with all of you from time to time and hope all is well with you and yours. I am back for one reason, and one reason only---- not a damn thing has changed here since I left the site!
OK--- we have a new president and I took TGIX's word for it that we would be better off. So------- let's see:
1. My husband is now unemployed. He is an HR manager and there are no positions open. No problem--- he'll take anything that pays more than unemployment. Problem--- the won't hire him because he's over 60 and over qualified.
2. My house payment has gone up $200.
3. My house insurances have gone up $400 annually as of April 1.
4. Our co-pays on meds have gone up (and he's a vet).
5. My godson is on his way to Iraq.
6. My Sam's Club Cola has gone from $1.98 to $2.58 in two months. So has everthing else in Walmart and the military commissary isn't much better.
7. Oh, yeah--- in the last two months our mutual fund and our Lowe's stock has lost almost 20 grand of our retirement money.

Gang--- I have just about decided the best way to go is to charge everything up to the max, quit making house payments til they foreclose, declare bankruptcy, go on welfare, get subsidized housing, get food stamps---- you get the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instead I think I will go get another margarita and wait for a visit from the troll


I have to laugh at TGIX I ...

I have to laugh at TGIX I try to help CM and all he does is bash Bush instead of trying to help how pathetic is that.

Maybe Obama should stop ...

Maybe Obama should stop campaigning that we are all doomed then!

Fair enough CM Fair ...

Fair enough CM Fair enough. Just realize that it will take FAR more than 4 years to get fully back to a thriving economy. We WILL however get back on track making much progress during this term. That I know is more than possible. It's a challenge for only the best and we have the best in office. To those who wonder if it's possible we can get this recovery ship launched - YES WE CAN. Will it all be smooth sailing ? Don't be silly or stupid. Will there be some stray winds and tides from all directions? You Betcha - LOL And will the progress continue regardless? Absolutely.

I had a teacher in middle school that taught me one of those life lessons that you hold onto and which help guide you throughout your entire lifetime. He presented it simply this way - If you are on a space ship heading towards a destination, (let's say it's the moon), and you happen to stray off course - Do you eject or turn back to Earth and go home giving up? No, you recalculate your trajectory and you continue on. This is one of those situations where our ship must be guided and guided well with a steady hand. IF however, at every little rogue wave along the way there is opposition saying "Give it up, we're all doomed" because they think they know a better course (which they most clearly do NOT as we tried their course for 8 most DISASTEROUS YEARS) then that will not be leading, following or getting out of the way. In maritime jargon they say "All hands on deck" when faced with such a trying time. They would also throw those dead weight types overboard to drown or at the least lock them in the brig. We are all in this together. Anyone not helping in on of those two vital ways, ANYONE getting in the way, must be dispensed with. That is the only way the recovery ship can reach it's destination.

No arguments, TGIX. I'll ...

No arguments, TGIX. I'll give it four years and see what changes occur. I just hate that the congressional dems are going to give him a hard row to hoe. Frankly, I am pissed at every dem and rep that threw a piece of pork into the stimulus.

To all the great peevers-- hope your new year will be splendid. I got my spinal shots this afternoon so I am so ready for St.Pat's. My organization puts on the big parade in Biloxi,MS. This will be my 14th year being in the middle of the fun. Throwing stuffed toys to children and senior citizens is one of my favorite thing to do.

Happy to see you back!

Happy to see you back!

You are right mouse, not ...

You are right mouse, not much has changed on this site. Sorry to hear all the things you are dealing with right now, it sucks, that's for sure. Welcome back though even if for a little while.

well welcome back, sorry ...

well welcome back, sorry it wasn't with better news. but that's what you come here for to yell at us about it! LOL!

Did Obama or Bush send ...

Did Obama or Bush send your Godson to Iraq?

What do you think Obama did - SPECIFICALLY NOW - that caused your insurance to go up or your house payment to go up? The stock, well, that will rebound when Obama has had some time to undo some of Bush's MEGA devastation to our economy. Things WILL get worse before they get better. Bush's debt that he saddled us all with will not disappear overnight because we have a new and good President. That would be dreaming pie in the sky. You'd have to be a complete moron or on drugs or both to believe that. Is THAT what you thought I said? Show me where I said that. You can not because I did not. Don't lie. It makes you look even worse than stupid or drugged. It makes you look like you have ZERO integrity and without integrity you have NOTHINGGGGGGGGGG

The effects you are seeing ...

The effects you are seeing were all LONG in the making. They did NOT occur overnight. They are due to Bush. If you can't see that then you are hopeless.

I have great luck in the ...

I have great luck in the military commissary. Andrews AFB always has great sales on. I can go in there fill 2 shopping carts and spend about 225 bucks. I couldn't do that in walmart. However there is a trick to commissaries go about 6 to 7 days after military payday. Prices do go down my wife didn't believe me until we did it one time. try there. ... try there. They are always looking for HR peeps.

Dear Mad--- please accept ...

Dear Mad--- please accept what you cannot change. I want to thank you for your tips. You're lucky you have Andrews. In case you forgot, I was just about at ground zero for Katrina--- so our commissary has not been rebuilt at Keesler yet. We have a temporary tiny one but the selection is minute and the prices are more like the base quick shop. That's why we shop at Walmart. I don't know how the young troops and their families make it these days.

I can understand that CM ...

I can understand that CM we have a small commissary here. That is why I drive 3 hours to Andrews every other month. But I do find if you about 6 to 7 days after military payday it is cheaper.