This is GROSS!!!!

So I am at work yesterday evening and I go to wash my hands before I take my break. I walk into the mens room, look down into the sink, THE SINK and there was this HUGE (like around seven or eight inches in length) piece of FECES lying there!!!! Just one, and it didn't appear to've been placed by hand into the sink either! Now there is no WAY SOMEONE didn't see this sick act going down, but there it was!

Of course, I had a dishwasher go clean it out!


Hey, maybe the alcohol ...

Hey, maybe the alcohol killed any germs he could have gotten!

My husband had a drunk employee not too long ago. Everytime they would test her, she passed. Then one day she was sooooooo drunk she fell out of the truck. When they got her to hospital she blew more than double the legal. She got fired! Funny thing, she tried to sue for wrongful termination, she LOST!

Dishwashers should clean ...

Dishwashers should clean all the shit up. If they didn't want to clean shit then learn a trade.

That is so effing nasty! ...

That is so effing nasty! Glad you didn't clean it up.

Walter~ the guy that ...

Walter~ the guy that cleaned it up should get something extra (some paid time off for mental health)

I wouldn't be able to clean it up and I am a Mom. I can clean a poopy diaper even a messy overfilled diaper but.......NO, not some strangers poo.

Let me see if I have this ...

Let me see if I have this right Walter:

This guy is the dishwasher; the person people count on to have clean and sanitary dishes/utensils that they will be eating off of and putting into their mouths.

The same guy is the janitor, clearly handling unsantary items on a routine basis.

Then you have this guy clean up feces.

And, as if that isn't bad enough, he is working while drunk and you let him off with only a warning when there is a large base of unemployed people to choose from, many who are not alcoholics.

What's wrong with this picture?

I know I'm never eating at Golden Coral anywhere, any of their locations, in any state - no way, no how, not ever.


It is ironic how you keep accusing others of your very own acts. You turn almost every post political or negative with your attacks on Bush, republicans, and other peevers. GIVE IT A FRIGGIN REST ALREADY!

Dawn, I agree 100%! I think it is more on the sick and demented side. I don't see the humor nor understand how/why they would think it was funny but they do. Things like this really re-enforce my belief that ALL public restrooms should have a live attendant to watch out for these tpes of misdeeds.
*shudders then gags*

The CSI in me says the ...

The CSI in me says the M.O. is the same as what Mad Vulcan does to this web site every day. Could it be?

you know, some people ...

you know, some people think that shit is funny, to do something like that, too bad you couldn't find out who it was to go and do the same at THEIR house!

TGIX, ever heard of ...

TGIX, ever heard of GLOVES???? THAT is what the employees use and what this employee used (in fact I insisted he used THREE gloves for this job!) so GET over yourself!