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This is Some Scary Stuff.....


What the article says in a nutshell is that your ISP (Comcast, At&t, AOL, etc.) must keep records of EVERY thing that you do while online and be able to provide that information to the government upon request. It also means that if you have wifi access that you must keep records of anyone who uses your internet service. I consider myself above average in computer operations and have zero idea of how to do that.

If these bills pass, everyplace you visit on the web could be handed over to the federal government or even a private organization. I am not doing anything illegal or immoral online but there are still places I visit that I'd rather not have broadcasted. I frequent not only this site but sites that are relevent to my health, sites I use for research purposes (again nothing illegal), and what about those annoying pop ups that we click on accident sometimes, they often lead to some shady places.

If this bill passes you 'd better make sure your wireless network is locked down with a industrial strength password! If you have an open network and someone hacks into your net you could be in big trouble if someone does something torrid.

The politicians are trying to push this through by fear mongering the public, promising this will remove pedophiles from the web. If you're dumb enough to buy that then I have some desert land to sell you at the bottom of Lake Huron. The perverts will simply find a way to circumvent these measures, there is already software out there designed to do just that.

I have to ask myself if we're going too far in the quest to make our children safe? Is it worth giving up civil liberties to keep our kids in some sort of flase bubble of saftey? It seems to me to be a better solution is for the parents of children to supervise what the kids are doing online rather than copping out and allowing the government to do it for them.

Ben Franklin summed it best when he said "Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither".


well, big brother is ...

well, big brother is getting a little too nosy for my liking...

Anyone who has a different ...

Anyone who has a different opinion is not unpatriotic, they just have a different way of seeing things. Lets face it, BOTH parties have done a pretty good job of fouling things up, the democrats are just as responbile for our current state of affairs as the Republicans are.

I don't agree with what these two REPUBLICANS are trying to do so by your logic I'm unpatroitic? Go screw yourself. What these a$$holes are trying to is to further erode what little free speech we have left and that my friend is where we all lose and that is what is unpatriotic.

From where I stand both parties are equally corrupt which is why I have become a Libertarian, a party which truly embraces our country. I'm done bantering with you either stay on subject or I'll ignore you.

Bush Sr was duped by the ...

Bush Sr was duped by the democrats they asked him to raise the taxes for some reason he went along with it then the democrats used it against him when they had a deal TGIX you are making yourself out to be an ass again. Obama wants to go beyond what Bush did. Oh and TGIX did you not say Obama was going to fix this shit? What happened?

Oh and TGIX you ass this ...

Oh and TGIX you ass this bill is for the right now NOT when Bush was in office. So fuck off you idiot.

Being evil, being ...

Being evil, being unpatriotic, doing all you can to destroy this country - and doing a damned good job of it - all the while trying to blame the other party, that's EVIL and the republicans OWN that as their trademark. Hypocritical and EVIL to the HILT.

I pointed out other PROVEN examples.

Don't like it? I did not think you would.


Those are the facts. Read 'em and weep.

Or better yet, wake up and become patriotic for a change by supporting the party that cares about our country.

It has everything to do ...

It has everything to do with how the republicans say one thing almost every time and do the exact opposite as in this very case.

Could they lie anymore if ...

Could they lie anymore if they tried?

I doubt it.

TGIX how did we jump from ...

TGIX how did we jump from this bill to the Bushes? This subject has NOTHING to do with Clinton, Bush(es), or Obama, kindly stick to the subject or don't post at all. Thank you.

Mad Vulcan, you could not ...

Mad Vulcan, you could not make a bigger ass of yourself if you tried! Are you sure you're not a democrat just pretending to be a republican so you can make an ass of yourself and make all republicans look as bad as you make yourself look?

Bush Sr. promised no new taxes and then raised them higher than all other presidents before him - Combined!

Bush Jr. - Shrub - said he'd keep government size down yet he increased it to it's now gargantuan size while reducing it's effectiveness to nearly nothing by ordering it to ignore regulations that keep us safe (environmental, food, workplace safety, food and health care for children of the working poor who support this country as our Backbone...) But probably worst of all was Shrubbie's stomping upon our privacy rights and other individual rights as people. Yet now you have the audacity to take a republican bill and try and make it appear to be the opposite of what all that fascism truly is. In George Orwell's 1984 that is known as double speak. Hiter's Goebels used it well in their propaganda. When you say one thing and do the exact opposite on such a scale, to the detriment of so many innocent folks, including the poor starving children, there is another term for it - you are just plain old Evil.

Get your facts straight for once. Get your morals in check for once. If you don't know what you are talking about, shut the fuck up - for once.

Damn! I gotta stop looking ...

Damn! I gotta stop looking up porn. lol


Ummmm... Mad... this is a ...

Ummmm... Mad... this is a Republican bill, not Obama's. So was the Patriot Act. If you're looking for someone to protect your rights to privacy, you're looking in the wrong direction.

Again anyone who voted for ...

Again anyone who voted for Obama and the democrats you get what you deserve, I am sure TGIX agrees with this. I told you all it was going to be bad you didn't believe me. You are going to find out just how bad it is.

This is what happens when ...

This is what happens when you let the government get too big. They think they know whats best for EVERYONE!!!
I don't do anything illegal, I don't care if anyone knows where I go, but that is besides the point. It isn't anyones business where I go on the internet. If they want to flag certain sites that is one thing. But to track everyone? Can you imagine the database that will take? Rates will triple so they can afford to do this.

I am tired of the government telling me what is good for me and my kids. I have common sense and I completely understand and support personal responsibility for ones own actions.

I just found this link ...

I just found this link that shows how much damage this law will do: