I guess it does all work out in the end!

So I had a "date" with this girl last night. Not really a date, but just a get together to get to know each other. We were going to meet at 7:30. At 7:28 she sends me a text message telling me she's going to be 45 minutes late. At this point, I am sitting in the parking lot, just parked my car. Needless to say, this pissed me off. I'm BIG on people being on time, and if you can't be on time, let me know SOONER then that! So I told her not to show up, I told her that I would rather not get to know her at all if that's how things are. She gave me some lame excuse about a power outage and that's why she couldn't let me know sooner that she was going to be late. I wasn't born yesterday, what the heck does a power outage have to do with a cellphone??? She's sending me text messages, last I checked you didn't need power in your house for that!
So finally she figured out that I didn't want her to show up and she didn't. I started chatting with this girl Amber that was there. She was from New Orleans and ended up here shortly after Katrina (she wasn't there during Katrina, was burying her gram in Chicago). So we chatted for a bit and Karaoke started. I don't do it, but she does so I went to watch her do her thing. There was some massive talent at this gay bar, MASSIVE talent. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the night, and I met some really awesome people. I think I'm glad my "date" was rude and not someone I wanted to meet!
Other then that, I did the elliptical last night to get ready for a 5K I'm running this fall. I did .85 miles in half an hour, I was so proud of myself. Only problem is that now I can't walk, and had to take the day off work because of it. I can't stand up and have been crawling everywhere. If I knew last night that I wouldn't be making work today, I would have drank enough to get drunk!
Well, guess that's all for now!


Well, I am glad you had a ...

Well, I am glad you had a great time! I have been on vacation for a week and didn't go out to have fun even ONCE! Not once! lol. I am so lame.

I, too, am anal about time. I don't like to be waited on and I don't like to wait. I say to be there at X time. BE there at X time. Plan accordingly. Is my time not important enough to you that you must be late?

I had a friend who was late no matter what. Any time, any event, ALL the time. She was my crazy religious friend who is actually a rather rude person. But anyhow, her tardiness is what prompted my best friend to finally end their friendship with each other. A fight sprouted from it and she was eventually free from her evil and late-ass grasp. lol.

Dam I didn't know you were ...

Dam I didn't know you were a lesbian shit shows how much I pay attention.

LOL, wow, she's from here ...

LOL, wow, she's from here where I live! cool! and next time take it easy on yourself!!! exercise is good, but not back breaking! LOL!!

Nice to see you again. I ...

Nice to see you again. I have always heard things happen for a reason and stories like that confirm it.
Hope your legs feel better soon and it sounds like you had lots of fun.
Hope to see you here more often!