Freakin good for nothng answering services.....

I hope my child pediatrician gets that stupid, lazy ass bitch fired!

My child has been very ill. I called the Dr before the office opened (as per his instructions) to let him know her fever is not breaking and the vomiting has continued. I had to call back 3 more times and still never heard from the Dr. This is HIGHLY unusual for him. He always gets right back. I get a call from him kinda upset asking why I didn't call him to let him know how she was doing. I told him what happened and then we went on to discuss my daughter. He just called me back to let me know the answering service just NOW gave him the messages from me. He apologized profusely and promised it would not happen again, he would take care of it. GRRRR!!!! What if this would have been a life threatening emergency??? She should NOT be answering for Dr's if she cant do her job!! There is a file for us with the answering service with precise instructions if my daughter is ill. We DON"T do ER visits with her, it is too dangerous for the ER DR. I have about kicked a few asses there for being told : "there isn't anything wrong with her, it is part of her disability you need to accept it". When there was something wrong with her, enough that her regular DR ended up hospitalizing her and she stayed in the hospital over a week. The ER Dr just dont have enough knowledge or patience to deal with disabilities.

Anyway.....the Dr will deal with the stupid lady!

*daughter is sleeping. We have had to resort to suppossitories to treat the fever. If this doesn't work she will have to be admitted to the hospital. She isn't keeping anything down and is getting too dehydrated. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!


HEY, so how's she doing now!?

HEY, so how's she doing now!?

Might I ask where this ...

Might I ask where this was? I'm just curious, I work for an answering service.

oh WOW! I HATE when that ...

oh WOW! I HATE when that happens! I hope all goes well. I had to do the suppository thing recently too. I believe it was phenergen. this kids HATE it but when they can't keep anything down....

and I have been calling my peds doc for 2 weeks now for a refill on a cough medicine! they say they give the mssg but I don't get called back. I'm gonna call again today.

Ouch! Sorry to hear about ...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about that! I hope your daughter feels better soon. I hate to see kids sick. Want me to kick that stupid lady?

Dawn, 2 weeks and they haven't gotten back to you yet!? WTheck is going on with people not returning calls lately? Good luck on getting that refill!

Get Them Fired

Whenever a serious, medical emergency occurs, I always advise to go to the ER.  I noticed that you do not do ER visits and I am sorry to hear that they treat you and your daughter with plenty of disrespect.  Just some more people to consider to report to the authorities for poor practice.  Don't even bother with these fancy, uncessary, stupid, answering machines!  I would love to see a law instated that removes these.  This doctor is a sack of animal feces from the zoo.  He should be fired for lack of communication and not understanding the urgency of your emergency.  If it was life threatening, regardless of whether or not your daughter died, this man should have been reported to authorities.  No doctor should do that to any patient.  What you are going through with your doctor is worse than I had to go through with my ex-girlfriend and some of former friends from high school.