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Don't say she's a quitter or couldn't take it. She did my state a FAVOR by stepping down, she did exactly what she said she would do, she saved us money by stepping down.

"Important legal issues involving the state's interests were delayed in order to respond to these complaints. That means lost value to the state, which is measurable in dollars," she said. "There were also hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on equipment and outside legal counsel -- dollars that could have been used to benefit the state."

Sarah did right for the state of Alaska. Maybe your local officials can learn something.


I liked Sara Palin but no ...

I liked Sara Palin but no way she can run for president now it is sad who ever advised her to do this was an idiot. The dems are going to have a field day with this calling her a quitter. Just look at TGIXs post when I posted she was quitting. I would have loved for her to run for prez and I would vote for her in a heart beat. But the independents are the ones she has to win over.

Lets she was elected to ...

Lets she was elected to lead her state and apparently did stiff to soil her position..gee maybe it was good that she quit.

I think she blew any ...

I think she blew any chance of moving up in Politics, but I am not upset. Like when she said if she makes it she makes it, if not oh well: that's how we all feel up here, because she did what was right for our state. She ran on a platform to reform our state gov't, she ran saying she wouldn't take special interest money, and that she was there to help fix our money and what it's getting spent on.

She did all that for us, she did just as she said she would. Then everyone started flooding them with inquiries, and then all the legal bs she had to deal with started to really cost the state. She didn't let it continue, she stopped it by stepping down. She is saving us money by doing that, and she still did exactly as she intended.

Now it's up to Sean Parnell not to fuck it up!

I found the following ...

I found the following article to be enlightening:

She is a half a million ...

She is a half a million dollars in dept from all the legal bills. I really cannot blame for doing it and making the money from the book deals. I mean everyone pretty much expected that.

Levi Johnston is not a ...

Levi Johnston is not a credible source. I'm sure the only reason he has ANYTHING to say is so he can stay in the spotlight and try to make his own money off it.

Up here we're all asking "What does Levi Johnston have to do with it? He doesn't know shit and he hasn't been involved with that family in a LONG time!"

LOL he lived with them for ...

LOL he lived with them for a few months right up to the first of the year, I'd say that is pretty recent.

He didn't live WITH them. ...

He didn't live WITH them. I don't know where you get your information, but here's how it is:

He has known Bristol for years. He knocked her up. He hung out with her while she was on the campaign trail. She dumped him, he's been flying all over the country trying to get HIS OWN book deals and what not (seriously he's going to do that and then claim Sarah did it just for the book deals? talk about the pot calling the kettle black!). He has had almost no contact with Bristol, his child, or the Palin family. He's out there "talking a talk".

Oh yeah, and I don't know about your source, but mine is a family that knows the Palins and have for years. ...

If he didn't live with them how did he knock Bristol up? Palin was running for vice president at the time which meant that she and her entire family were under protection of the Secret Service; it is logical to assume that Bristol and Levi weren't doing it in the bushes. He MUST have been spending a great deal of time at the house or as I believe living there, so he must have been privvy to what was going on in the place. I also noticed that for awhile that everytime you saw Bristol he was right there as well, are you naive enough to think that they still staying at home or in hotel rooms together?

You're ripping on the guy because he said she is quitting for the money? Thats exactly what she is doing, so whats the issue? Palin can go and make money selling books and hosting talk shows but he can't speak his own mind? What an interesting double standard. What Levi says seems honest to me, his creditability isn't any worse than Sarah or Bristol. Let us not forget Palin is being investigated for her activities as governor, she may well be the dirty politcian she is accused of being.

So let's see... Bristol ...

So let's see... Bristol had her baby in December, which would mean she was knocked up in March.

Last time I checked Sarah wasn't running for VP in March. She was announced in September. That would mean that Bristol was knocked up LONG before they were on the campaign trail and being protected by secret service.

Besides, there are plenty of teenage girls that get knocked up by a guy that doesn't live with them. It happens every day.

Sarah has all the right to do book deals and go on TV - she is a GOVERNOR. Levi is just some Valley Trash that happened to knock up the right girl at the right time. He did nothing to deserve to get books and TV shit, if ANYONE is milking something, it's him.

Palin is not being investigated for anything. None of the bs ethic complaints have stuck, because she didn't ever do anything wrong.

Maybe you should come up here and live how we live, and know what we know before you try and tell me what's going on up here. You must not realize that I work with people that know her, that most of the people up here do know her - and not as their governor, but as an Alaskan.

You lower 48ers know nothing about her, yet you still try to say you do. You're like my coworker that thinks Obama was looking at that girls ass - you only believe the media hype that they feed you. You don't look for the video to see the whole story, you just take what they give you and don't think twice.

LMAO I was not going to ...

LMAO I was not going to respond to this anymore but rikinne you have to be kidding me if he didn't live with them how did he knock her up? LMAO let's how many people get knocked up in the back seat of the car? How many people get knocked up at hotels, back of the high school, or any other place people like to do it? I would really re think that one rkinne. But thanks for making me laugh.

Palin is 500k in dept no way she can pay that back making the money as governor. Because some of the lefties are intentionally trying to bankrupt her so she cannot run for higher office. I find it funny how the left is so damn scared of her they have to keep bashing her.

Mad you have to keep in ...

Mad you have to keep in mind that Bristol IS the daughter of a government official I highly doubt she got knocked up in the back seat of a car. Remember she comes from a well off family and rich people wouldn't lower themselves to do it in the back seat of car getting pregnant to lol

I consider myself to be in the middle and have nothing to fear from her. She lost in the presidential election and gave up as governor, whats to fear? God help anyone who'd elect her for office again, I sure wouldn't.

If she is so broke that she needs to go on tv or write a book then fine, take a leave of absence for a few months then come back to fulfill her duty to the people who voted for her to do a job. The debt stems from 18 complaints of ethics violations on Sarah's part, if she is innocent of those compliants then she needs to clear her name. Cutting and running now only makes her look like she has truly done something wrong. It would truly be a great thing that if she did break ethics rules that she took sincere responsibility for it, but since she quit we'll never know for sure.

As far as the Obama part of AK's post. I saw the video and thought it was inconclusive either way, so what if he did look? He wouldn't be the first man to look and wouldn't be the last. Why this was news anyway, CNN have nothing better to do that day or what?

LMAO, HOLY you need a wake ...

LMAO, HOLY you need a wake up call about what things are like in Alaska. The governors daughter COULD have gotten knocked up in the back seat of a car, what you consider "well off" and "rich" has a different meaning up here. Our rich people don't wear suits, they wear flannel. Our rich people aren't uppity like the lower 48 people are, WE ARE IN ALASKA. Things are different up here, and you would never understand it unless you lived here.

My lawyer wears jeans and a casual shirt to work. The ceremony of a wedding is known to last half an hour and you can have ANYONE marry you. Alaska is different up here, we have different laws then the rest of the USA, and we have a different attitude. The amount of money a person makes or their "social status" means nothing up here - we all live through the same rough conditions. We all live through winter, and we all deal with 24 hours of daylight.

LMAO you really think she couldn't get knocked up in the back seat of a car cause her mom is a governor?? LMAO did you know her mom was a commercial fisherwoman too?

Sarah isn't running, she's saving my state money. She didn't break any rules, people are just trying to give her a hard time the only way they know how - and it's costing our state money. She did the right thing to step down when she did, because if she stayed in office it would have cost us more money and that would have been against what she stands for. She IS clearing her name, that's WHY my state is losing money right now!! Hopefully the state will change some ethic policies so no future governor has to deal with this. It's all "she's not screwing up so we need to give her a hard time somehow". As of right now, there are only TWO active complaints against her, and they came in right as she quit. They'll get shut down just like all the others!!

I'm not saying it matters if he looked or not, I used my coworker only believing a PHOTOGRAPH over finding out the WHOLE STORY. That was my comparison to you only believing what the media tells you. Come live here before you try and talk about things you know NOTHING about.

It's not you rkinne but ...

It's not you rkinne but the left as a whole. Keith Olbermen cant let it go.Hell he still running stories about Bush. Bush is no longer president it is totally stupid. The only reason the left is doing this to try to keep people minds off of there own political problems which are totally mounting up.

Obamas poll numbers are tanking and tanking fast.

She's a quitter who ...

She's a quitter who couldn't take it.

She lost and lost BIG-time.

Palin cries like a baby over EVERYTHING. Just listen to her voice, it always has a cry in it and she can't take the heat, can't face the music when she abused tax dollars for personal use, paid it back but still complained and whined and CRIED like the brat that she is.

You Betcha! LOL!!!

You Betcha!


She didn't quit - she did ...

She didn't quit - she did EXACTLY what she should have. She ran saying she wouldn't waste our states money, and she is leaving office because now the ethic complaints are starting to cost us money! She is doing EXACTLY what she said she would, so she's not a quitter - she's a PROMISE KEEPER.

BTW - her voice is what we call the "Valley Accent". When you listen to the radio up here you can tell who is from the Valley because they ALL have that accent, kinda Minnesota-y in a way.

She didn't abuse any tax dollars, she paid back the state all the money spent to fly her kids around.

Catch up on your news, as of right now there is only one ethics complaint left against her - they just threw another one in the trash yesterday. This will be the end of them now that she's stepped down - which means Parnell can get our people working on things that MATTER to our state. We're all a little pissed off at the handful of people filing the complaints too - it shows how little they care about AK when they'd rather waste the states money on frivolous unfounded complaints!

Sarah has done nothing wrong up here. She would still have a mid 80s approval rating if she wasn't picked for VP by McCain - the only reason it dropped is because the fruit-cake psycho strict Democrats couldn't agree with her anymore. If you REALLY did some research on her, you'd see that her platform was more Democrat then Republican when she ran up here.

But who are you to do the research? You'll just go back to your lying media source for your info.