The moving Post

Well, so far things are going good. I gave work 3 weeks notice yesterday. They've been good to me so I figured I'd let them know before the normal 2 weeks. My GM told me I have a letter of recommendation from him, which rocks! I am selling my bed and bureau tonight, and that's all I have to sell. Then to continue packing... I swear I've been packing for two months!! Come to think of it, I really HAVE been packing that long!

I started the job search, but don't expect to hear anything until I get down there. I wouldn't hire someone a month in advance, so I don't expect any of them to. I'm going to get my food handlers card too, that way I can work two jobs - a "normal Monday to Friday job" and then a part time waitressing or bartending job. I have a place to stay already. I put an ad up that I was looking for a room to rent, and some lady that used to live in Alaska responded! How perfect!! She sounds like a fun person so I'm going to stay there for about three months, and if all goes well I'll stay longer.

I did have one set back.... And I'm still tempted to kick her ass. My friend, we'll call her Jane, was supposed to go on the road with me. We have talked about this for two months, we were going to take one full week to drive there, that way we're only driving 8 hours a day and we can stop and enjoy the ride through Canada. She told me she had never driven that road before and we both wanted to see all the sites we can on the way. Plus we're camping so we need to have time to put up a tent and what not. Well two nights ago I call her girlfriend to see if she wanted to get together, and while on the phone said "Did Jane get her ticket to fly back to Alaska yet". Nope, she didn't. And my friend informs me that Jane suddenly decided she wants to make the trip in 4 days. She wants me to drive 13 hours a day to get there in 4 days. I FLIPPED. Finally Jane calls me and I'm all "What the hell is going on?? I've been trying to get together with you for two weeks and now I get this info from your girlfriend? WHEN WERE YOU PLANNING ON TELLING ME?".

She says "the week before". I ROYALLY FLIPPED. Then the bitch hung up on me. She's DAMN lucky she wasn't standing in front of me, because I would have ripped all her hair out and smashed her head flat enough to use it as a table! Talk about fucked up, she was about to screw me over a WEEK before I left!

Luckily I have a good friend up here that found a babysitter for his daughter and can make the trip with me. He called his Aunt to see if she could watch his daughter and his Aunt said "Yeah, and maybe I'll fly your cousin down so you can help her drive her car back from Reno". As soon as he told me I knew things were meant to be. So *Fingers Crossed* he's meeting his cousin down there and won't even need a plane ticket back. Keep your fingers crossed too!!!

Well, I think that's about it... I'm off to read the rest of the posts and then send out more resumes.


I hope you know what you ...

I hope you know what you are doing because no one is hiring down here. The job market has dried up I would rethink this very hard. Especially if you are moving to California. Unemployment is horrible.

Economy has hit Reno also. ...

Economy has hit Reno also. Tourism is down but I wish you good luck.

Really, because I look ...

Really, because I look online every day and have places to send my resume. I'm not expecting to get anything until I get there though, that's a full month away. One month tomorrow (well today on the east coast) I'll be there.

I don't plan on needing unemployment. I have some money in the bank saved up so that if I can't get a job for three months I can still pay rent and all my bills. I have a degree and letters of recommendation coming from a few places, I'm sure I can find something. I have a friend that used to run a nightclub there, she has friends that run places.

Plus, this move is meant to be. I believe in fate, and so far the way everything has worked out for me moving has been fate. It's one of those things you just know are meant to be, and it seems as if the world is helping you get it.

Wow pretty brave, I ...

Wow pretty brave, I wouldn't have quit a job before landing another!

Well I would go ahead and ...

Well I would go ahead and get my resume in. Most places if they want you bad enough and know that you are moving will wait. So go ahead and get those resumes in. Just because they are taking resumes does not mean they are hiring. That has been my experience anyway.

Good luck on your move and ...

Good luck on your move and finding a job.

I must have missed the post, How come you are leaving Alaska?

I can't get another job ...

I can't get another job before I quit here, I'm moving in three weeks, I will be there in four weeks. I'm moving somewhere that is a 48 hour drive away, it's kinda hard to get a job there when you're not already there. I have no choice but to quit my job, what am I supposed to do not quit and move?

I have been getting my resume in, but again I am not going to be there for a FULL MONTH. Usually when someone puts an ad in the paper/online/etc it's because they need the help NOW. I only saw one job that needed someone in the future, all the others are available immediately. So why would they wait to hire me if they can hire someone that will start tomorrow? I'm not going to worry about it until I get there.

WA - I have tons of reasons for moving. First, I don't want to miss a family emergency because the airport is closed due to a volcano blowing up - that was the main reason. I miss the fresh fruits and veggies, and meats. I miss live music, I miss road trips and seeing new places - I've been everywhere I can up here on a weekend trip. I miss having darkness in the summer and seeing fireworks in the summer. This last winter was super long, and it made me realize how short summer is - I miss having a normal summer that you can do stuff. I miss sandy beaches, I miss cheap flights and being able to travel out of state for under $550.

LOL I'll stop there, cause I could go on!

homesick. I think I would ...

homesick. I think I would get tired of the loooong winters also. I love snow, but not enough to live in it.

I think the long period of darkness would be what does me in. Gotta have the sunshine.

I hope your move goes smooth and you find a job fast!