Learn to Swim!

It never ceases to amaze me that when living so close to large bodies of water like I do that there are people who don't learn to swim! We have had quite a few people drowning lately who didn't know how to swim, more so that in previous years past. Teach your kids to swim it could possible save his or her life or at the very least if you can't swim use a lifejacket. Its just so senseless to see these people drowning when a few simple swimming lesson could save a life.
Furthermore even if your kids know how to swim PLEASE keep an eye on them, some of these kids that have drown have done so after being swept under a big wave or get dragged under by a current.

I did drown when I was a kid about 8 or 9 I was a very good swimmer at the time (was on a swim team), a wave just happened to hit me before I could brace myself, in the surprise I inhaled some water. Luckily for me mom saw what happened and was able to get to me before I was swept away. I wasn't breathing, thank good she got to me and then had wits enough to perform mouth to mouth. What happened to me happen in a split second, I would be dead now if my family weren't watching us closely (this happened at a family picnic and other family members did rush to my aid Mom happened to be the closest). I mention this because the most recent drowning happened to a six year who could not swim and was left unsupervised by his parents, had someone been keeping an eye on him he'd still be alive today. If I remember correctly the paper said that an hour had passed before anyone realized he was missing. Senseless, a life was lost due to carelessness, poor kid!


I also think thats a great ...

I also think thats a great idea to take CPR classes at least once in your life. I got certified a few years ago, I haven't had to use those skills yet but will be glad for them if I ever do need them.

I took CPR classes once, ...

I took CPR classes once, but it was against my will.

I do not want to be responsible for saving someones life in that situation. CPR doesn't work enough, and half the time people get sued for doing it cause they broke ribs or whatever.

I burned my CPR card the day they gave it to me.

Actually in MOST states ...

Actually in MOST states there are good samaritian laws that prevent people from being sued for performing CPR. Breaking ribs during CPR is common and unless you break the rib(s) on purpose you can't ve sued otherwise hospitals wouldn't be able to function.

If it's a loved one the floor AK you might change your mid pretty quickly.

Age 4 nearly drowned but ...

Age 4 nearly drowned but for a quick save by a cousin. Age 6 I saved another cousin (younger) from drowning (put a pool sweeper in so she could grab hold and pulled her to the side). Age 7 took swimming lessons (nearly drowned the FIRST time in the water). Age 10 took ANOTHER Swimming class (nearly drowned the SECOND time in the water!!!). Freshman year of HS, taking a MANDATORY swim test NEARLY DROWNED AGAIN!!!! Took a swim class in HS! Age 22 back from the Army. went to a poolside party, got pushed in NEARLY DROWNED AGAIN!!!! 'Rescued' by the guy that pushed me in (who is also the brother of the girl I HAD been dating, BTW).

Now, believe it or not, I actually DO know how to swim! I just don't LIKE it! IF I get into water on my OWN, no problema, it's only when I find myself in without my preparation, do I get all jittery! I went on my honeymoon to Hawaii and had no problem getting into the pool! I had to get fairly DRUNK to get on the boat, but never did get into the ocean!

I live right next to the beach here in Monterey, CA. I don't mind LOOKING at the ocean, but that is about it for me! (c;}

Oh, and MY CPR card expired eons ago, but I still know how IF needed. How much could it have possibly change over the last two decades? 'Are you alright are you OK?' You, CALL 911! Then begin the CPR! /c;}

I would never change my ...

I would never change my mind on that. If it's their time, it's their time, who am I to interfere and "play god"? They didn't know that shit back in the day and those people were alright. Population control.

My family put in a pool the year I was born, so I am a water baby.

wow, it's happening a lot ...

wow, it's happening a lot here too, I believe he was 6 as well. at a summer camp, of all places!!! they REALLY SHOULD have a life vest on!

and DAMN, Walter!!