a great story!!!


I totally agree with this ...

I totally agree with this article. I could remember jumping off the garage roof during the winter into a mound of snow, climbing to the tops of trees at the park, riding a bike without a helmet, rollerskating without elbow and knee pads, staying out until dark out in God-knows-where, parents smoking in the house next to us, eating mulberries off the bush by the library and my friends backyard, bringing home "stray" birds, playing in the sandbox (aka litterbox for the neighborhood cats), etc. We didn't think about anything. We just played. Our parents didn't know where we were and didn't care. They trusted us to be home safely at nightfall.

Now kids are shut in the house all day playing video games. No wonder obesity has gone up.

I won't even say how many ...

I won't even say how many 'bad for you' things I did as a child, how many TONNES of UNhealthy food/drinks that went down MY gullet! And that was just BEFORE I was a teen!!!!! Yet, hear I am, still kicking and just as happy go lucky, slow to anger, quick to seek vengeance as ever! Maybe I had ADHD or ADD or something, but back then, it was just called BEING AN IMAGINATIVE, RESTLESS, CHILD!!!!!